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The main purpose of
prayer—whether traditional 
Christian prayers, daily Bible
verses, spontaneous pleas for 
help or expressions of praise
and thanksgiving—is to 
connect us to a Higher Power,
to deepen our relationship
to our Lord, and to affirm our
hope and  faith in God’s love. 

Come pray with us.


Recent Prayer Stories

woman on mountain top.

Use this prayer excerpted from Guideposts Daily Planner to help you reach your deepest desires.

A photograph of words depicting excuses for procrastination

Use these tips and Scripture from the Guideposts Daily Planner to put an end to putting things off.

by Elizabeth Sherrill
, Hingham, Massachusetts

John Sherrill

Practical tips, excerpted from Guideposts Daily Planner, to help you through challenging times.

by John Sherrill
, Hingham, Massachusetts

Actress Michael Learned

In this story from October 1976, the Emmy-winning star of The Waltons tells how she found her pathway to prayer.

by Michael Learned

When I get stuck in a fear zone or my thoughts reverberate in a fear loop, I find it mighty hard to pray. No wonder Jesus was constantly saying to his followers: “Don’t be afraid.”

by Rick Hamlin

Jesus prayed. And showed by his prayers what prayer can be: direct, simple, honest and passionate. Here's help, in Jesus's own words.

by Rick Hamlin

 This is my last blog for Guideposts, as I assume a Senior Pastor position at the Naugatuck United Methodist Church. I will always cherish OurPrayer in my heart.

by Peola Hicks

Eddie Albert

In this story from January 1962, the Green Acres star shares how he turned the process of adopting a child over to the Lord.

by Eddie Albert
, Los Angeles, California

Jean Durscher

Her impulse to minister to a stranger turned out to be an answer to that woman's silent prayer.

by Jean Durscher
, Derwood, Maryland

Prayer opens us up to the unexpected. Coincidence, it's said, is how God remains anonymous.

by Rick Hamlin

Della Reese

In this story from June 1981, the Touched by an Angel star shares how her faith guided her through a serious health crisis.

by Della Reese

monarch butterfly on a woman's hand.

Whenever I struggle in life, a butterfly will magically appear out of nowhere. It happened again today.

by Maddie Merrifield
, Duxbury, Massachusetts

It can seem like there is no place to turn, but there is. Hope is never beyond reach.

by Peola Hicks

Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin's father's name on a boat in the bay

Dad's prayers were full of the faith that sustained him in a wind-tossed world. Would that I could hear one of those prayers again...

by Rick Hamlin

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