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The main purpose of
prayer—whether traditional 
Christian prayers, daily Bible
verses, spontaneous pleas for 
help or expressions of praise
and thanksgiving—is to 
connect us to a Higher Power,
to deepen our relationship
to our Lord, and to affirm our
hope and  faith in God’s love. 

Come pray with us.


Recent Prayer Stories

Carol Shaw Johnston with her kitchen helpers, her granddaughters Sophie and Lily

A concerned grandmother prayed for help in easing her sick grandchild's burden. The answer to her prayer surprised her.

by Carol Shaw Johnston
, Franklin, Tennessee

Roberta Messner (right) with her friend Wanda

It wasn’t that she believed God couldn’t heal her; it was just that he hadn’t.

by Roberta Messner
, Huntington, West Virginia

Reverend Pablo Diaz

Reverend Pablo Diaz shares his favorite prayer from the Bible and gives direction on how you can use it in your life.

I want to invite you to be an encouragement to someone you know who has served in the military.

by Peola Hicks

Scrolling through those photos reminded me how many good reasons I have to be thankful...

by Rick Hamlin

Author Stormie Omartian

Rely on this helpful tip when you feel discouraged God isn't answering your prayer in this excerpt from The Prayer That Changes Everything.

by Stormie Omartian

Mel Tillis

In this story from June 1978, the country music star shares how he came to trust in God to guide him in his life and in his career.

by Mel Tillis

Not praying impacts your spiritual readiness to face the challenges of the day.

by Peola Hicks

Devotional writer, Marion Bond West

For years she thought that God didn't hear her prayer. 

by Marion Bond West
, Watkinsville, Georgia,

Author Anthony DeStefano handing a copy of his book to the Pope

When you get up in the morning, asks Anthony DeStefano, do you know the first thing you should do? You need to say a short prayer.

by Rick Hamlin

Peggy Frezon

Nurse after nurse struggled to find a vein from which to draw a sample of her blood–until one employed a very particular technique.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

God instructs us to honor our mothers; the reward is that we will live well and have a long life.

by Peola Hicks

Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin's friend and fellow church choir singer Elinor Miller

Mom called to say that Elinor Miller was enjoying my book 10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without. The other news was more sobering...

by Rick Hamlin

Jamie Farr

In this story from January 1985,  the popular M*A*S*H star explains how faith played a role in his first big break in show business.

by Jamie Farr
, Los Angeles, California

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