The main purpose of
prayer—whether traditional 
Christian prayers, daily Bible
verses, spontaneous pleas for 
help or expressions of praise
and thanksgiving—is to 
connect us to a Higher Power,
to deepen our relationship
to our Lord, and to affirm our
hope and  faith in God’s love. 

Come pray with us.


Recent Prayer Stories

Prayer and writing about prayer is a wonder, isn’t it? You end up in just the right places.

by Rick Hamlin

Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without

Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without shares the benefits of writing down your prayers.

Jesus was offered a deal after fasting and praying in the desert for 40 days. There was nothing in it for him but everything to gain for his enemy...

by Peola Hicks

As you pray, notice the images that come into your head. I find my prayer life is enhanced when I use them.

by Rick Hamlin

airplane rising off the runway

In this preview from Plus Magazine, a family is called to prayer and a full passenger plane is spared from unthinkable tragedy.

by Renee Knudsen

Lisa Beech

The prayer of two volunteers, to distribute food to more people, is quickly answered.

by Lisa Beech
, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without

Rick Hamlin shares how logging on to your computer can be a way into prayer.

I don't mind getting honest in prayer. I mean, God knows what I’m thinking anyway. But a whole service dedicated to contrition?

by Rick Hamlin

woman reading the Bible.

Use this excerpt from Pray Big for Your Life to help you pray God's word.

by Will Davis, Jr.

Lent is a special time for study and reflection about the life and message Jesus shared with the world.

by Peola Hicks

Praying for others is something I do on a regular basis, but there are times I need to turn the searchlight on myself.

by Peola Hicks

Philomena never loses her faith. She has suffered, she has doubted, yet she believes.

by Rick Hamlin

Author Stormie Omartian

In this excerpt from The Prayer That Changes Everything, you'll discover the importance of praising God, even when your heart is discouraged.

by Stormie Omartian

Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without

Rick Hamlin explains how designating a time and place to commune with God each day can enrich your prayer life.

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