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The Bible Brought to Life

The successful producer of such shows as Survivor and The Voice faces his greatest professional challenge.

By Mark Burnett, Los Angeles, California

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I got there just as they were about to shoot the final take. I watched, and then Roma and I fell into each other’s arms. Wow. It was done. Something that seemed impossible was now in the can.

There was still much more to accomplish— the editing, the music, the narration, sound effects, special effects. Yet we knew it was all going to get accomplished. God’s hands were on this series—we would tell the world’s most powerful story with the greatest emotional connection possible.

For that is what the Bible is, a story, the story of God’s love for his people, the greatest love story ever told.


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Close of Jesus from The Bible miniseriesThe five-part miniseries The Bible will premiere on March 3 at 8 p.m. ET on The History Channel.