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Stories Of Faith

Take a moment to lift your spirit and witness the many
ways God responds to our needs. These incredible
true stories of faith, hope and prayer will enrich
your spiritual life and inspire you to move forward
on your faith journey.

Recent Stories of Faith

Kent Annan on honest faith

Author Kent Annan talks about doing relief work in Haiti and the profound impact it had on his spiritual life.

The Rabbit Prayer

How a furry little friend eased one man’s grief and reminded him that God always listens.

by Van Shaver
, Lenoir City, Tennessee


Norman Vincent Peale shows you how to use Scripture as a guide for happy, efficient, faithful living.

by Norman Vincent Peale

Bethany Hamilton surfing after shark attack

After losing her arm in a shark attack, Bethany Hamilton was determined to surf again. Her story is a true testament to what you can accomplish if you have hope.

by Tom Hamilton
, Hanalei, Hawaii

Angel in the sky

A routine flight teaches a fearful flier a lesson in faith.

by Judy Hoffman
, Raleigh, North Carolina

A nursing student's faith is tested.

by Adrienne Crosby
, Griswold, Connecticut

Jeff Dyson and his daughter Brooke

How the power of a promise to his daughter motivated this father to change his life.

by Jeff Dyson
, Beaumont, Texas

Nan Wooden, in her father's office at UCLA

John Wooden was arguably the greatest basketball coach of all time. He was pretty good at faith and family life too.

by Nan Wooden
, Reseda, California

Teaching your kids to be faithful

Mix memory, trust and a pinch of Proverb to help your kids in finding faith.

by Tom Sheridan
, Ocala, Florida

Sophy Burnham

Guideposts.org blogger Sophy Burnham shares her insights on the power of intuition

by Sophy Burnham

Writing in Journal Can Deepen Our Faith, Inspire Hope

How writing can strengthen your faith and inspire hope—and help you grow spiritually

by Terri Castillo

Faith, hope and love brought this actress happiness

The surprising realization that made award-winning actress Andie MacDowell feel complete.

by Andie MacDowell

A writer's journey of faith

I worked hard at imagining my grandfather's faith, but it wasn't until I faced my own spiritual crisis that it became real to me.

by Bo Caldwell
, Cupertino, California

Patricia Heaton's secret to success

Actress Patricia Heaton reveals her secret to success.

by Patricia Heaton
, Los Angeles, California

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