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Stories Of Faith

Take a moment to lift your spirit and witness the many
ways God responds to our needs. These incredible
true stories of faith, hope and prayer will enrich
your spiritual life and inspire you to move forward
on your faith journey.

Recent Stories of Faith

Cynthia's kitchen, after the tornado hit

A tornado may have destroyed her house, but it strengthened her faith.

by Cynthia Wood
, Wadena, Minnesota

Russell Swan finding faith on Survivor

Russell Swan almost died on Survivor, but even though he didn't win, he learned he was meant to be in that jungle.

by Russell Swan
, Glenside, Pennsylvania

Faith: Passion Play performed in Germany every 10 years

In 1633 a miracle saved this German village. Every 10 years since, the people of Oberammergau have given thanks and kept their faith strong.

by B.J Taylor
, Huntington Beach, California

The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem where some say Jesus was laid after his death

A Lenten devotional for Saturday of Holy Week

by Elizabeth Sherrill
, Hingham, Massachusetts

Instill hope and faith in your children

Today, faith is something our kids really need. Try these 5 tips for showing them what it means.

by Kathryn Slattery
, New Canaan, Connecticut

Christine Webb has faith and hope in Haiti

This American reporter went to Haiti before the earthquake hit. But when it did, she never stopped believing that those she met would recover and heal.

by Christine Webb
, Orlando, Florida

Joel Osteen's advice for faith

Pastor Joel Osteen shares a few thoughts about keeping faith alive during difficult times.

James Brown's motivational story about success and faith

This sports anchor shares his motivational story of success by telling us his 3 keys to integrity and how faith played a role in who he is today.

by James Brown
, Bethesda, Maryland

Marine finds faith after one of his men dies

After one of his men dies, a Marine struggles to go on, until he realizes holding on to hope is possible, even at war in Iraq.

by Donovan Campbell
, Dallas, Texas

Gary LeVox

Rascal Flatts' singer Gary LeVox relied on the power of hope to achieve success as a musician. But another job inspired him first.

by Gary LeVox
, Nashville, Tennessee

Kathryn Slattery

Kitty Slattery's hope for perfection has always been a struggle, until she realizes its true meaning.

by Kathryn Slattery
, New Canaan, Connecticut

Depressed mom finds faith in Johns Hopkins statue

Struggling with bipolar disorder, I opened the doors at Johns Hopkins to see a statue that still gives me hope to this day.

by Therese Borchard
, Annapolis, Maryland

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