Stories Of Faith

Take a moment to lift your spirit and witness the many
ways God responds to our needs. These incredible
true stories of faith, hope and prayer will enrich
your spiritual life and inspire you to move forward
on your faith journey.

Recent Stories of Faith

Niki Taylor's inspiring story of faith and recovery after car crash

After surviving a serious car crash, supermodel Niki Taylor had to stay in the ICU for months—but she always kept her family in her prayers.

by Niki Taylor
, Nashville, Tennessee

Martin Sheen talks about his faith

Actor Martin Sheen talks about what he learned from a frightening health crisis on the set of Apocalypse Now.

by Martin Sheen, as told to Charles-Edward Anderson
, Malibu, California

Motivational stories: Trusting God and faith to find happiness

This mother shares her motivational story about trusting God and relying on faith to help her find happiness after quitting her job.

by Merna Uccello
, Dallas, Georgia

Animal rescuer has faith and hope after Katrina

She was already battling cancer when Katrina hit. But her faith helped her face another mission—saving the animals.

by Kendra Williams
, New Orleans, Louisiana

Harry Connick, Jr. had faith after Katrina

He grew up in New Orleans and was devastated when Hurricane Katrina hit his hometown. Harry Connick, Jr. talks to us about having faith when starting over doesn't seem possible.

by Colleen Hughes

Barbara Walters on faith and heaven

Do people believe in Heaven? When I started doing research, I was amazed at how many people did.

by Barbara Walters
, New York, New York

Michelle Stewart and her husband, Michael

In this inspiring story, faith and prayer reunite a divorced couple.

by Michelle Stewart
, Claremont, North Carolina

Positive thinking and faith helped Terry Francona achieve success

Positive thinking, faith and determination led Terry Francona to a managing position—and the Red Sox to a championship.

by Terry Francona
, Boston, Massachusetts

Diane Sawyer thinks faith helps us dream big

Diane Sawyer answers our questions about dreams, faith and advice.

by Guideposts Editors

Michael McDonald

Singer Michael McDonald had made it big. But why wasn't he happy? Having hope and faith helped him see what was missing.

by Michael McDonald
, Nashville, Tennessee

Soledad O'Brien rediscovers faith

CNN news anchor Soledad O'Brien wanted to give her kids the strong spiritual foundation she had growing up.

by Soledad O'Brien
, New York, New York

What started as an actor's exploration of character became a discovery of faith. How Oscar-winning actor Robert Duvall found inspiration for his film, The Apostle

by Robert Duvall

Gary Carter's faith in God got him out of slump

Gary Carter's faith in God got him out of his sophomore slump and back into the game.

by Gary Carter
, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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