Stories Of Faith

Take a moment to lift your spirit and witness the many
ways God responds to our needs. These incredible
true stories of faith, hope and prayer will enrich
your spiritual life and inspire you to move forward
on your faith journey.

Recent Stories of Faith

Captain Southworth finds faith after adopting child

This American soldier had no idea what he would discover after adopting a child with cerebral palsy.

by Scott Southworth
, Mauston, Wisconsin

Father and daughter

A loving dad reflects on "letting go" of his baby girl on her wedding day.

by Mike Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Faith vs. science

How faith and science can both be true—and how one teenager knew his life here on earth was significant.

by Ptolemy Tompkins

The inspiring story of a dance lesson

A motivational story of how dancing lessons changed a woman's life.

by Kathryn Slattery
, New Canaan, Connecticut

A mother's faith and hope when son went missing at sea

Her son was missing at sea and the search was being called off. But she still had hope.

by Deb Fowler
, Charleston, South Carolina

Photograph of a white hen

It was an Easter Sunday we would never forget.

by Isabel Wolseley
, Syracuse, New York

Faith in the path will help you walk a labyrinth

A little patience and trust is all you need as you walk a labyrinth—finding its center will help you find yours as well.

by Ptolemy Tompkins

Side dish: Her great-grandmother's latkes brought people together

Spending Hanukkah in Thailand required some unorthodox cooking methods.

by Stacey Saggese
, Denver, Colorado

An artist's rendering of a smiling woman gathering stars from the sky

Pastor and author Max Lucado shares seven tips for finding daily happiness.

by Max Lucado
, San Antonio, Texas

Bobby Murcer felt God's love at Yankee Stadium

His faith had stayed strong though his treatments. And when he walked back into the ballpark, this announcer truly felt God's love.

by Bobby Murcer
, Edmond, Oklahoma

George Foreman relies on faith and hope

George Foreman's search for God showed him that faith and hope can help you through any challenge.

by George Foreman
, Houston, Texas

Lovely Lady store for women with cancer brings hope & faith

You'll find hope and faith—and a lot more—in this special store.

by Darlene Gardner
, Clayton, North Carolina

Lee and Bob Woodruff

When ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff was injured in Iraq, his wife held on to faith and hope that he would fully recover.

by Lee Woodruff
, Westchester, New York

Save the planet

15 little things you can do to use your faith to improve the environment.

by Matthew Sleeth, M.D.
, Wilmore, Kentucky

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