Stories Of Faith

Take a moment to lift your spirit and witness the many
ways God responds to our needs. These incredible
true stories of faith, hope and prayer will enrich
your spiritual life and inspire you to move forward
on your faith journey.

Recent Stories of Faith

Ron Clancy

We all know our favorite holidays songs. But do you know where they came from?

by Ron Clancy
, North Cape May, New Jersey

Marion Bond West

She lost her father young, then her first husband. Would trepidation prevent her from leading a full life?

by Marion Bond West
, Watkinsville, Georgia

Brenda and Jason in 1983, shortly before he was diagnosed with leukemia.

A stuffed clown that her late son loved reminds a mother of the lessons he taught her.

by Brenda Young
, Defiance, Ohio

Ron Clancy

Noted author and expert on Christmas music shares the history of beloved holiday carols.

Catherine Madera and Mark

A shotgun wedding and things went downhill from there. Three years into our marriage, I met him, and found new hope.

by Catherine Madera
, Acme, Washington

The forgiving father, Robert Rule

Watch as a grieving father summons the strength to forgive the man who murdered his daughter.

Linda Janusick and her husband, Paul

She was always a hard worker. Then her husband’s business nearly collapsed in the recession. Could she work even harder?

by Linda Janusick
, Lostant, Illinois

Frances McGee-Cromartie

A judge's tough-love approach pays off when a young mother reclaims her life and sense of self.

by Frances McGee-Cromartie
, Dayton, Ohio

Jan Thomas

Her husband was murdered, slain by the troubled son of a couple she went to church with. How could she ever face that family again?

by Jan Thomas
, Parkersburg, Iowa

Dr. Harold Koenig

A doctor with crippling arthritis helps his patients learn to live with pain.

by Harold Koenig, M.D
, Durham, North Carolina

Andy Garcia in the the film For Greater Glory

The star of the film For Greater Glory, a historical drama based on actual events, speaks about the film's message of the struggle for freedom and the right to practice one's faith.

Eddie and Tamara George

Former football great Eddie George and singer Tamara Johnson-George share their strategy for a successful marriage.

an Easter corsage

An insightful Easter message on how to trust God's timing when dealing with your problems.

by Patt Barnes
, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

TCM host Robert Osborne

TCM host Robert Osborne shares how his devotion to classic motion pictures began during his youth.

by Robert Osborne
, New York, New York

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