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Stories Of Faith

Take a moment to lift your spirit and witness the many
ways God responds to our needs. These incredible
true stories of faith, hope and prayer will enrich
your spiritual life and inspire you to move forward
on your faith journey.

Recent Stories of Faith

Stories of Faith blogger Shawnelle Eliasen and her son Grant

There will still be more waves, more wind. But in this moment, God’s goodness has moved through the center of the storm.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

Stories of Faith blogger Shawnelle Eliasen's friend's table

There’s been laughter and tears around that table. Prayers and praises. Hurt and healing...

by Shawnelle Eliasen

A bouquet of dandelions picked by her son for Shawnelle Eliasen

I’m grateful that as our children grow, God is compassionate, replacing sweet young-child blessings with other precious things...

by Shawnelle Eliasen

Stories of Faith blogger Shawnelle Eliasen hugging her son Gabriel

There is nothing silly about telling others that you love them. That is precious. And powerful. Those words are a blessing.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

Two of Stories of Faith blogger Shawnelle Eliasen's sons hugging and smiling

Tempers are short, and I think of other families whose kids are probably sitting in their chairs like angels. I imagine halos and harps...

by Shawnelle Eliasen

A beautiful lake, trees and sky with the words, "You are there for me."

It’s precious to think about how the Lord walks with me daily. Revealing himself in tender ways. Strengthening my faith.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

Stories of Faith blogger Marci Seither's daughter Emma at her wedding

"Anxiety stirred within me," writes guest blogger Marci Seither, "but it dissipated when I saw the look on his face. Pure love. Just like the Lord feels for us."

by Shawnelle Eliasen

Shawnell Eliasen

I think about the joy that this new growth brings, and I wonder: Does our spiritual growth bring such joy to God?

by Shawnelle Eliasen

Actress Sarah Drew of Grey's Anatomy

On Grey’s Anatomy she plays a character of faith. In real life her faith is important too. Not surprising for a pastor’s daughter.

by Sarah Drew
, Los Angeles, California

It’s my prayer that as my son grows, he’ll take pleasure in the Lord’s rejoicing even more than mine.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

When I’m worried, filled with fear, my eyes are on myself. It’s a self-centered kind of pride. There is a better place for my eyes to be!

by Shawnelle Eliasen

I could never earn it. Never, ever deserve it. It’s a grace gift that’s rich with the most powerful kind of love.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

“Guys,” I say. “It’s the scent of spring.” The scent of promise.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

TV and recording star Jimmy Dean

In this story from May 1964,  the TV and recording star (and, later, businessman) recalls when he faced up to the bitterness in his heart.

by Jimmy Dean

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