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Recent Faith Stories

Michael Krzak and Tera

This man felt he was unlucky in love.  Would he ever meet  Ms. Right?

by Michael Krzak
, Mesa, Arizona

Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale shares how three things can help you find true joy.

by Norman Vincent Peale
, New York, New York

Anne A. Simpkinson, Online Managing Editor

If you want to deepen your relationship with God this Lent, these books may help you achieve your goal.

by Anne Simpkinson
, New York, NY

Finding inspiration in the faith journeys described in two classic movies.

by Edward Grinnan

TCM host Robert Osborne

TCM host Robert Osborne shares how his devotion to classic motion pictures began during his youth.

by Robert Osborne
, New York, New York

The Holy Bible

In this Guideposts classic story, a woman suffering from a rash and blinding headaches discovers there is only one cure.

by Marilyn Ludolf
, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Kaaren's stuffed bear, Ariel

An office worker loyal to her typewriter prays for help in learning to use a computer.

by Kaaren Mils
, Miami Beach, Florida

An artist's rendering of a pink begonia and an angel

A flowering plant proves to be the inspiration for neighbors to become begonia buddies.

by Vicki Aebly
, Rockford, Illinois

An artist's rendering of an angel and a violet

Faith and flowers serve to strengthen a mother's bond with her children during tough times.

by Glenn Terry
, Merritt Island, Florida

Mary's photograph of pink spring blossoms

Her camera gave a struggling divorcee a means for being positive—and for being happy.

by Mary Smith
, Newton Falls, Ohio

Arlan Hudson and his wife, Dolly

A lonely widower's faith is restored by, of all things, a bovine smooch.

by Arlan Hudson
, Paradise, California

Executive editor Rick Hamlin and his wife, Carol

A loving spouse learns that sometimes the best thing to do is to quietly care.

by Rick Hamlin, Executive Editor
, New York, New York

Mr. Squirrel lazes in the hot Virginia sun

Mary Smith shares what she calls her "happy snappies", the photos that have improved her outlook on life.

The Holy Bible

The mailman brings an Iowa woman an uplifting gift of tokens to remind her of blessings from the Bible.

by M. Linda Dunbar
, Coin, Iowa

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