Recent Faith Stories

Why do we Christians get known more for our squabbling than our love? Why do we get caught up in our differences?

by Rick Hamlin

When anxiety’s got you in its grip, it’s hard to avoid worrying. But there's a technique that can help. I call it “breathing prayer.”

by Julia Attaway

Guideposts senior vice president Anne Adriance

A new line of Guideposts products spreads faith and inspiration via quotes inspired by Bible verses.

by Anne Adriance
, New York, New York

Lenore Else

A mother sees her son spared when his car is struck by lightning, thanks to a family's prayers.

by Lenore Else
, North Mankato, Minnesota

Haengso Hong

A seminary student experiences a crisis of faith when he finds his life in imminent danger.

by Haengso Hong
, Seoul, South Korea

Roberta Messner (left) and her former teacher Mrs. Barrett

A favorite teacher still has inspiration to share, years after graduation.

by Roberta Messner
, Huntington, West Virginia

A cute young boy who represents childlike faith

This excerpt from Guideposts Daily Planner 2012 encourages us to embrace excitement and wonder.

by Mary Lou Carney

Kate Fenner

A woman's prayers are answered as she encounters helpful folks during a snowy commute home.

by Kate Fenner
, Fairfax, Virginia

Rancher Milton Rosseland

A sheep rancher caught in a blizzard sees his courage rewarded and his faith justified.

by Milton Rosseland
, Circle, Montana

The Cozy Drive-in in Netcong, New Jersey

A psychologist extols the benefits—mental, emotional and spiritual—of nostalgia.

by Edward Hoffman
, New York, New York

Kitty Slattery

A seasoned writer and book author finds a way to tell “the rest of the story.”

by Kitty Slattery
, New Canaan, Connecticut

A tiny, sparse tree on a windowsill looks out on a snowy January day.

A mother and son put their faith to the test in trying to revive a tiny Christmas tree.

by Wendy Johnson
, Sulphur Springs, Texas

River Jordan tells how she's impacted by praying for a stranger each day.

A introverted woman's New Year's resolution paves the way to a renewed faith and a new approach to life.

by River Jordan
, Nashville, Tennessee

Marci Kladnik, with Barney and Maggie

A woman finds a rescued feral cat unapproachable—until an unlikely expert offers her assistance.

by Marci Kladnik
, Los Alamos, California

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