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Rosalind Russell

In this story from October 1954, the popular actress shares an inspiring story of a friend's daring wartime feats and a newfound faith.

by Rosalind Russell
, Hollywood, California

I love all the inspirational stories in Guideposts equally. That's why it's so hard to choose a favorite.

by Edward Grinnan

A ray of hope, as captured by Kathy Sharp's son and daughter-in-law

A beam of light from above provides comfort to a grieving dog lover whose beloved pet has just passed.

by Adam Hunter
, New York, New York

Chaplan (Colonel) Boone, seen here with his wife, Teresa, served 38 years.

A retired military chaplain shares just how impactful the inspiring words of Guideposts can be to those serving our country.

by Chaplain Samuel J. T. Boone, U.S. Army retired
, Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Carole Wyatt whose husband and kids show just how much they love her.

When a mother loses her furry friend, her husband and kids are inspired to demonstrate just how much they care for her.

by Carole Wyatt
, Anderson, Indiana

Angels find themselves especially busy during the holidays.

An ailing mother's prayer is answered by a heavenly visitor as her ailing heart regains its rhythm.

by Betty Laine
, Lexington, North Carolina

Marjorie Kinney

An inspired church community makes a difference for cancer patients with their sewing and kitchen skills.

by Marjorie Kinney
, Decatur, Georgia

Carolyn Maull McKinstry

A woman scarred at an early age by violence begins the healing process, thanks to faith and forgiveness.

by Carolyn Maull McKinstry
, Birmingham, Alabama

A devotional that will help you focus on the living, breathing person of Jesus, every day, all year long.

by David Morris

A child experiences peace when gazing upon a fully trimmed Christmas tree.

The fervor with which a child awaits the decorating of the tree is soon balanced by the peace that beautifully decorated evergreen fosters in her.

by Marci Alborghetti
, New London, Connecticut

alarm clock

An odd gift request from a little boy in need reminds us of the true meaning of holiday giving.

by Linda Neukrug
, Walnut Creek, California

Mornings with Jesus author, Keri Wyatt Kent

My time with God isn't an obigation, it's a privilege.

by Keri Wyatt Kent
, Chicago, Illinois

Mornings with Jesus author, Keri Wyatt Kent

Keri Wyatt Kent trusted God and gave away a car her family needed.

by Keri Wyatt Kent
, Chicago, Illinois

We have always put notable people on the cover of Guideposts magazine. Readers tell us they like inspiring stories from celebrities because it shows that we all face the same basic problems in life.

by Edward Grinnan

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