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Recent Faith Stories

What's your favorite six-word prayer from the Bible?

by Rick Hamlin

The innocent faith of a small child who was close to death.

by Trudy Harris

Camy Tang, Mornings with Jesus Contributing Writer

Mornings with Jesus contributor, Camy Tang, gives helpful insight on how you can worship and serve Jesus.

by Camy Tang

Ethelyn Meredith

A mother sends up heartfelt entreaties for her horse-trainer daughter.

by Ethelyn Meredith
, Harrison, Michigan

Good Friday Day of Prayer

Good Friday is a perfect day to offer yourself to others as Jesus did.

by Alina Larson

Anne Simpkinson, Guideposts' online managing editor

Guideposts' online managing editor learns that keeping one's Lenten commitments brings rewards.

by Anne Simpkinson
, New York, New York

Mr. Inspiration comes to Sin City (not so much anymore) and we're glad to receive him. Also, Whitney in heaven.

by Edward Grinnan

A slice of Elizabeth's Turtle Cheesecake

This delicious and easy-to-make cheesecake will soon become a family favorite.

by Elizabeth Urlaub
, Burnsville, Minnesota

Elizabeth Urlaub

A trained chef uses her culinary skills to give struggling women confidence and faith.

by Elizabeth Urlaub
, Burnsville, Minnesota

Sue and Vince Smith

With their beloved home ravaged by Hurricane Irene, a couple's faith is put to the test.

by Sue Smith
, Schoharie, New York

Lou Zywicki Prudhomme

A reunion with a once-troubled former student helps a teacher deal with her grief.

by Lou Zywicki Prudhomme
, Carlton, Minnesota

Cliff Shiepe

A man wrestling with a chronic illness is led to the green pastures promised in Psalm 23.

by Cliff Shiepe
, San Marino, California

Norman Vincent Peale's granddaughter, Katie Berlandi

A woman follows in her family's footsteps to help extend God's love to those in need.

by Katie Berlandi
, Sherman, Connecticut

A beautiful orange and yellow marigold

One blossom survived the gardening mishap. Was an angel with a green thumb behind it?

by Sylvia Davis
, Pleasant Garden, North Carolina

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