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Recent Faith Stories

Horehound candy

This old-fashioned confection is said to be good for sore throats, upset stomachs and whatever else may ail you.

by Douglas Scott Clark
, Maryville, Tennessee

Randy Owen of Alabama

The popular musician pays tribute to a passionate teacher who inspired him to aim high.

by Randy Owen
, Fort Payne, Alabama

A gold cross

A journalist is inspired to publicly declare his Christian faith in observance of Lent.

by Harold Hostetler

Edward Grinnan, Guideposts editor-in-chief

Guideposts editor-in-chief recalls a remark that changed how he thinks about giving something up for Lent.

by Edward Grinnan, Editor-in-Chief
, New York, New York

An artist's rendering of a woman holding a door for a man

When denying herself for Lent came to feel stale, an Oklahoma woman chose to focus on others.

by Stephanie Thompson
, Edmond, Oklahoma

Susan Weidman and her dogs Sophie and Tex

Strangers--earth angels really--assist a woman and dog in dire straits.

by Susan Weidman
, Feather Falls, California

Roma Downey

The popular actress puts her faith and her lasting love for her Dad into action.

by Roma Downey
, Malibu, California

A great quote about faith from Knicks surprise superstar Jeremy Lin.

by Adam Hunter

The star is bringing an angelic message to young readers.

by Colleen Hughes

Jo Ann Fore (right) and her friend Karen

A battered wife, inspired by a co-worker's concern and prayers, begins to put her life in order.

by Jo Ann Fore
, Knoxville, Tennessee

How a former monk and former nun broke their vows, but kept the faith.

by Adam Hunter

Humorous artist's rendering of the word 'Yes!'

We usually can't know what answer we'll receive to our prayers, but at times we can.

by Anthony DeStefano
, Staten Island, New York

After considerable soul searching, I chose to be honest about my own personal story of battling addiction and depression. Here’s why.

by Edward Grinnan

An old-fashioned bride-and-groom cake topper

A walk down Memory Lane at an assisted living center provides a chance to fete an inspiring couple of long standing.

by Mary Smith
, Newton Falls, Ohio

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