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Recent Faith Stories

How comfort can put our devotional lives in peril.

by Julia Attaway

Kelee Katillac

Our interior design expert was inspired to re-create the blue skies of the great outdoors in her home.

by Kelee Katillac
, Kansas City, Missouri

Kelee Katillac

Our interior design expert shows Guideposts readers how to bring a bit of blue sky inside.

by Kelee Katillac
, Kansas City, Missouri

Peggy Frezon, holding a bowl of heavenly berries

A Vermont native, missing the countryside, finds six juicy blessings in a backyard bush.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Daily Guideposts writer, Penney Schwab

Learn how jotting down your daily blessings can improve your relationship with God.

by Penney Schwab
, Copeland, Kansas

Tonight the Jewish holiday of Purim begins—a chance to reflect on the hidden miracles in life. So what exactly is this holiday all about?

by Adam Hunter

Erin Keeley Marshall, Author of Mornings with Jesus

For devotional writer Erin Keeley Marshall, everyday moments are portals of discovery for getting to know Jesus.

by Erin Keeley Marshall

My prayers for a neighbor in need are full of hope. But what would I say to her about them? Should I just say nothing?

by Rick Hamlin

A photo of a hand signing 'I love you' against a blue sky

A grieving husband's prayer is answered with a very special sign from above.

by Tom Swoboda
, Park Ridge, Illinois

Susan Sarver (right) and her sister-in-law Jennifer

She uses her Christmas card list as an inspiration for reviving treasured friendships.

by Susan Sarver
, Yates City, Illinois

Carol Trimmer and her son, Justin

An autistic child finds his first true comrade in a very unlikely setting.

by Carol Trimmer
, Dublin, Ohio

A military band

Martial music played by an unseen angelic ensemble comforts a daughter whose father is dying.

by Regina Philpott McLemore
, Stilwell, Oklahoma

Wilda Lahmann

When fire strikes, a mother rejoices that her family is safe, but what about their dogs?

by Wilda A. Lahmann
, Savannah, Georgia

Sharon Craig with her father, Bill Holub, in his tomato garden

Would a daughter find just the right tenant to reside in her beloved father's house after his passing?

by Sharon Craig
, Reading, Pennyslvania

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