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There's no better way of keeping a positive attitude than surrounding yourself with positive people. People like the 12 Guideposts writers I spent this past weekend with in Portland, Oregon.

by Amy Wong

Nia Vardalos tells the inspiring tale of meeting her adopted daughter.

The inspirational story of how this well-known actress—with hope, faith and positive thinking—found that adoption was the perfect option. Read her Guideposts story.

It's What Inspires You Wednesday! This week, we chose five comments from our Facebook page.

by GP Facebook Fans

Blogger and Daily Guideposts contributor Julia Attaway on how fasting can deepen your prayer life.

by Julia Attaway

Men need to talk honestly to each other and to themselves, about faith, family and so many other aspects of life. Here's a book that can help them do just that.

by Rick Hamlin

Where do our true inspirational stories come from? A lot of them come from our workshoppers. 

by Edward Grinnan

A manatee from the Big Ben Manatee Sanctuary

A close- up look at the manatee sanctuary set up by a Florida  power station. And read an inspiring story about how saving manatees restored a man's faith.

It's What Inspires You Wednesday! This week, we chose six comments from our Facebook page.

by GP Facebook Fans

This doctor found his calling in faith

Meet a doctor who ministers to the soul.

by Scott Morris, M.D.
, Memphis, Tennessee

Rick Allen plays with Raven Drum Foundation

What does a famous drummer have in common with war heroes? More than you might think.

by Rick Allen
, Los Angeles, California

The words that renewed one woman's hope at just the right moment.

by Grace Lundmark
, Tyler, Texas

Ways to Use Mint

What this powerful herb can do to refresh, protect and heal

by Jim Crosby
, St. Johns, Michigan

Caroline, Wayne and Hobbit, the angel dog

Life was stressful until this loveable stray dog came along.

by Caroline Coleman
, Charleston, West Virginia

From classic poetry to modern novels, angels have been the inspiration for many wonderful books. Here are three I think everyone should read.

by Sophy Burnham

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