Recent Faith Stories

The Loecken Family

This family sold everything they owned in order to help others.

by Jay Loecken
, On the road

A still from Red Tails depicting two of the Tuskegee Airmen

A new movie sheds light on the faith, friendship and fortitude of the trailblazing Tuskegee Airmen.

by Nina Hämmerling Smith

Traffic control button for pedestrian crossing

A man for whom a woman requested God's blessings turns up in an unexpected setting.

by Karen Orfitelli
, South Windsor, Connecticut

Alison Thompson in Port-Au-Prince

She's been to nearly every place on the globe where people are in need. Now, she tells you the five places that need your help the most.

by Alison Thompson
, Miami, Florida

Follow Jeff Grabosky on his prayer-powered cross-country trek.

Snow-covered tree branches with the sun shining through.

Bring more light to your spirit with these Bible verses and wisdom from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

by Norman Vincent Peale
, Pawling, New York

Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Mornings with Jesus contributor

This Mornings with Jesus devotion offers words of hope for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

by Gwen Ford Faulkenberry
, Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

A missing hearing aid disrupted Betty Tate's routine.

A prayer answered loudly and clearly helps a woman track down a misplaced hearing aid.

by Betty Tate
, Burnsville, Minnesota

Colleen Hughes, editor-in-chief, Angels on Earth

It's too easy to overlook the small kindnesses. But where would we be without these Earth Angels?

by Colleen Hughes
, New York, New York

Peola Hicks, manager of OurPrayer

Volunteers who take part in Guideposts' OurPrayer efforts find the practice gratifying and inspiring

by Peola Hicks, manager of OurPrayer

Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah in a scene from Joyful Noise

Don’t miss this rousing Gospel musical starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton.

by Anne A. Simpkinson
, New York, NY

I sometimes wonder about the books we publish: Do we create content that helps us keep our faith the same, just as it was, at the expense of others who have yet to find a vibrant walk with God?

by David Morris

Daily Guideposts contributor, Alma Barkman

Encouragement and hope for times when your faith walk seems dark and God feels far away.

by Alma Barkman
, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Sharon Hinck, contributing author Mornings with Jesus

Mornings with Jesus contributer shares the daily nourishment Jesus gives her soul.

by Sharon Hinck
, Bloomington, Minnesota

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