Recent Faith Stories

A Somebody Loves Me bear

A woman struggling with marital troubles is inspired by an unexpected gift from a little girl.

by Karen Clanin
, Peoria, Illinois

The Psalmist and a children’s book writer had it right: You can’t escape God’s love.

by Rick Hamlin

Nancy Northrop and her husband Richie

A devoted married couple uses their shared love of books to keep their relationship vital and interesting.

by Nancy Northrop
, Marion, North Carolina

An artist's rendering of an airborne bunch of red balloons

A widow missing her departed husband on Valentine's Day is unexpectedly presented with a very special token of their love.

by Jeanne Glasgow
, Tucson, Arizona

Devotional writer, Tricia Goyer of Mornings with Jesus

This devotional will help you to call on Jesus  for help with life's challenges.

by Tricia Goyer
, Little Rock, Arkansas

I know firsthand how important it is for Josh Hamilton to hold fast to his faith and his sobriety.

by Edward Grinnan

Don and Mary Elizabeth Rathbun

A tender smooch at the strike of 12 restores an Ohio widow's faith that her husband is watching over her.

by Mary Elizabeth Rathbun
, Columbus, Ohio

Beth Hughes and her husband, Walt

A lonely widow, longing for a love to match the one she shared with her late husband, benefits from angelic matchmaking.

by Beth Hughes
, Lacey, Washington

How are we changed by reading a story that seems to lift the veil of our everyday world? Does a vision of a heavenly future bring us hope to live out our faith in the present?

by David Morris

Former Giants wide receiver David Tyree

Former Giants receiver David Tyree tells the story of his 2008 Super Bowl-winning catch.

Bluegrass Jambalaya

This hearty Cajun specialty is not only tasty but low in salt too!

by Sparkpeople, Inc.

A small flower pot containing African violets

A modest Valentine's Day gift blossoms into something meaningful and inspiring.

by Jennifer Clark Vihel
, Bayside, California

Edward Grinnan, Guideposts editor-in-chief

Guideposts' editor-in-chief explores the true nature of the force that makes the world go 'round.

by Edward Grinnan, Editor-in-Chief
, New York, New York

David Tyree makes "The Catch"

Former pro football player credits God for the New York Giants' Super Bowl win in 2008.

by David Tyree
, Wayne, New Jersey

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