Recent Faith Stories

Eddie Albert

In this story from January 1962, the Green Acres star shares how he turned the process of adopting a child over to the Lord.

by Eddie Albert
, Los Angeles, California

The Carlsons and their current pack, Francesca (left) and Leo

They were told their beloved Italian greyhound’s diabetes was untreatable. Then her husband had the strangest dream.

by Nancy Carlson
, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

You have to get a lockjaw of faith on whatever it is you’re trusting God to do in your life.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

Marci Seither with her son Mark

This was my son’s idea of a great gift? To scare the dickens out of me?

by Marci Seither
, Vista, California

Devotional writer, Sharon Hinck

Use this devotion, excerpted from Mornings with Jesus, as a reminder to slow down and savor Scripture.

by Sharon Hinck
, Bloomington, Minnesota

an adorable stretching gray-striped kitten

In this excerpt from Their Mysterious Ways Too, a woman learns to trust God's timing.

by Phyllis Hobe

Margaret and Chris in love and in their wheelchairs. From The New York Times.

Proof of the miraculous power of love, which flourishes even when all hope appears to be lost.

by Diana Aydin

Vern Bengtson in his library

How are our values formed? How do we pass faith on to our children? This sociologist has devoted 35 years to these questions.

by Vern Bengtson
, Santa Barbara, California

Some news stories may prove false, but there's an inspiring aspect to our reaction to them.

by Adam Hunter

Della Reese

In this story from June 1981, the Touched by an Angel star shares how her faith guided her through a serious health crisis.

by Della Reese

A photograph of a mother's hands tying a young boy's shoelaces.

If Jesus, at one of his darkest moments, could open his heart, surely I can find the time and energy for to meet my dear boys' needs.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway and her family

You can't see inner struggles in a picture. You can't see faith or doubt or temptations.

by Julia Attaway

Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin's father's name on a boat in the bay

Dad's prayers were full of the faith that sustained him in a wind-tossed world. Would that I could hear one of those prayers again...

by Rick Hamlin

Mornings with Jesus contributer, Susanna Foth Aughtmon

When things go wrong and our best plans fall through, we can always count on Jesus.

by Susanna Foth Aughtmon
, Redwood City, California

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