Recent Forgiveness Stories

TV and recording star Jimmy Dean

In this story from May 1964,  the TV and recording star (and, later, businessman) recalls when he faced up to the bitterness in his heart.

by Jimmy Dean

Daniel Schantz

He prayed for guidance in dealing with a friend's boneheaded business decision. A miscue of his own provided the answer.

by Daniel Schantz
, Moberly, Missouri

Bill Giovannetti, Daily Guideposts contributor

A long-overdue apology from a message on a social media site is a lesson on forgiveness.

by Bill Giovannetti
, Redding, California

We were just in time for a short worship service. “Let’s sit. Let’s listen,” we said. Let’s pray.

by Rick Hamlin

Devotional writer, Sharon Hinck

A devotion to help you release the weight of resentment and truly forgive.

by Sharon Hinck
, Bloomington, Minnesota

I don't mind getting honest in prayer. I mean, God knows what I’m thinking anyway. But a whole service dedicated to contrition?

by Rick Hamlin

Praying for others is something I do on a regular basis, but there are times I need to turn the searchlight on myself.

by Peola Hicks

Philomena never loses her faith. She has suffered, she has doubted, yet she believes.

by Rick Hamlin

Sad woman

Use this excerpt from Time Out for the Spirit to help you feel God's comfort.

by Lucile Allen

Man sitting in a church pew looking at the cross.

After his wife and unborn son were killed, this youth pastor found a way to not only forgive, but befriend the man responsible. 

Research shows that when we berate ourselves for lapses in willpower, we make matters worse.

by Julia Attaway

One woman said that her prayer time often became burdened with the long list of sins she confessed...

by Rick Hamlin

Devotional writer, Rebecca Barlow Jordan

What character qualitites would Jesus like to help you develop this year?

by Rebecca Barlow Jordan
, Greenville, Texas

Scott Moses, manager of the Nervous Dog coffee shop in Stow, Ohio

Employees at a Stow, Ohio, coffee shop demonstrate the true Christmas spirit by collecting food to be given to a man who robbed their tip jar.

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