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a mother comforting a sick infant

God's healing power is nothing short of miraculous.

by Tricia Goyer

woman turning down the heat on thermostat

She hadn’t tinkered with the thermostat. Why did the heat come back on?

by Sheryl Smith-Rodgers
, Blanco, Texas

New still from NBC's A.D.

The network just released the first trailer for the follow-up to their The Bible miniseries.

by Guideposts.org

An artist's stylized rendering of Santa Claus with white angel wings

New to town, she was not yet familiar with navigating the roads. When she got lost in a snowstorm, a jolly earth angel in a red suit came to her aid.

by Mary Whitney
, Leavittsburg, Ohio

For dogs and cats waiting for morsels from Thanksgiving tables everywhere

by Peggy Frezon

Karen Valentin and her two sons cooking dinner

This single mom worries her kids are missing out on their rich heritage

by Karen Valentin

How not to let your teen's spirit of gratitude morph into one of entitlement

by Terry Squires

watercolor of a heart.

This Thanksgiving look back over the last five or ten years...maybe even more.

by Tricia Goyer
, Little Rock, Arkansas


This wafer cookie is a traditional Scandinavian Christmas treat.

by Michelle Mahnke
, Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota

Thanksgiving Pie

Break tradition this year and use those turkey day leftovers to make a meat pie!

by Sherry Gore
, Pinecraft, Florida

Two of the young children served by Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center

Inspired by their Christian faith, the people of Cactus Ministry Center minister to the diverse immigrant communities in Cactus, Texas. Read Susan Downs' story!

A thankful squirrel. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.

A photographer revels in what the Lord reveals about Himself through her work.

by Judy Royal Glenn

Easy-to-make paper poinsettias

Diana Aydin demonstrates how to make paper poinsettias for your home or to share with friends. Read Johnna Laird's story about sending these flowers to a soldier in Afghanistan!

Ruby Holt on the beach for the first time

The non-profit organization granted Ruby Holt's wish to see the ocean for the first time

by Guideposts

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