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close-up of a hands on a bible

Use this devotion, excerpted from Time Out for the Spirit, to help build an intimate relationship with God.

by Kathryn Brinckerhoff

St. Bernard walking on the lawn.

In this excerpt from Angels in Disguise, man's best friend protects his "best girl" from a stranger in the night.

by Gayle Trent

close-up of a stone heart

Three prayers to help you open your heart to God's love.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York

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In this excerpt from Heavenly Company, an angelic visitor inspires a depressed woman to see the beauty around her.

by Elizabeth Baker

close-up of a people praying together with hands on Bibles

The Lord’s Prayer answers our questions about how to pray–answers that grow richer and deeper as we grow in spirit.

by Elaine St. Johns

Devotional writer, Mary Lou Carney

A simple acrostic to help you get through life's challenges.

by Mary Lou Carney
, Chesterton, Indiana

John Sherrill

In this classic from Daily Guideposts, John Sherrill reminds us that Easter isn't a day. It's a promise to keep in your heart all year long.

by John Sherrill

Devotional writer, Sharon Hinck

Open the pages of your Bible and find His greetings of love.

by Sharon Hinck
, Bloomington, Minnesota

Devotional writter, Cynthia Ruchti

Does your “Hosanna” turn quickly to “Jesus, what are You doing?” when crises hit?

by Cynthia Ruchti

painting of Jesus jorisvo /

God promises that there is nothing to fear in life or even death itself.

by Norman Vincent Peale

Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without

Rick Hamlin explains how selecting a Bible verse to pray each day can help you grow closer to God through His word.

Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without

Rick Hamlin explains how praying for others deepens your faith and strengthens your relationships with loved ones.

from Video

OurPrayer Manager, Reverend Dr. Peola C. Hicks

Experience God's love deep in your heart. Send us your prayer request and join us as we pray for others on Good Friday, April 18.

The sun rising through beatiful spring blossoms.

This beautiful prayer excerpted from Mornings of Peace in the Presence of God will inspire you to have a wonderful day steeped in His presence.

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