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Inspirational Stories blogger Michelle Medlock Adams reading to a child

I am especially fond of this special day because writing books for children is one of my favorite things to do...

by Michelle Medlock Adams

Sunni Jeffers, author of All Sewn Up from Secrets of the Blue Hill Library

Giving is truly a gift to the giver, writes the author of All Sewn Up, and our problems diminish when we help others.

by Sunni Jeffers
, Newport, Washington

A picture of Jesus, the cross, the thorn of crowns, a loaf of bread and a fish

Jesus made great sacrifices for us. There is much to admire about our planet; there is much to look forward to in heaven.

by Alton Gansky
, California

Lost for Words author Kristin Eckhardt

If you've ever lost your way, writes the author of Lost for Words, you know how alone it can make you feel...

by Kristin Eckhardt
, Nebraska

Susan Page Davis, author of Secrets of the Blue Hill Library's Gone in a Flash

Sometimes family secrets bring on heartache, but sometimes they actually bring relief and joy.

by Susan Page Davis
, Dexter, Kentucky

Anna Schmidt, an author of "Love Finds You in the City at Christmas"

The author of "Manhattan Miracle" marvels at how God places certain people in her path on the journey through widowhood.

by Anna Schmidt
, Thiensville, Wisconsin

Judy Baer, author of Love Finds You in Frost, Minnesota

The author of Love Finds You in Frost, Minnesota, remembers her own snowy winters as a child...

by Judy Baer
, Elk River, Minnesota

A tray of chocolate chip cookies in the oven

I clearly received the message from a loving God: Even when times are hard, I’ll help you get through them.

by Lynne M. Heinzmann
, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Rick Hamlin, executive editor of Guideposts magazine.

It’s the only human endeavor I can think of where trying is doing.

by Rick Hamlin
, New York, New York

Pam Hanson, author of "Calling Grandma Jean" in "A Cup of Christmas Cheer"

Grandma Rock loved me unconditionally. That's why writing "Calling Grandma Jean" for Guideposts Books was bittersweet...

by Pam Hanson
, Kearney, Nebraska

Before the Dawn author Carolyne Aarsen

I spent a lot of time praying the pain would leave. I wondered if I would ever smile again...

by Carolyne Aarsen
, Alberta, Canada

Susan Call standing in a field of flowers
It was a matter of life or death that she pick up and move across the country. Would her children understand that?
by Susan Call
, Londonderry, New Hampshire

Sweet September author Tricia Goyer

The Home to Heather Creek author shares that growing a garden and growing a family are both hard work but worth the effort.

by Tricia Goyer
, Little Rock, AR

Elizabeth Adams, author of Cover Story from the the Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop

Life is a mystery; all I can do is faithfully try to follow where God leads, one step at a time.

by Elizabeth Adams
, Brooklyn, New York

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