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Sidney Poitier

In this story from August 2001, the acclaimed actor shares how his happy and honorable upbringing has impacted his career choices.

by Sidney Poitier
, Los Angeles, California

Patty Duke

In this story from January 1963, the actress explains how playing Helen Keller helped to strengthen her faith.

by Patty Duke
, as told to Sidney Fields

Babe Ruth

In this story from October 1948, the legendary slugger shares how important his early religious training was to him, especially in his final days.

by George Herman Ruth

Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet

In this September 1976 story, TV's Galloping Gourmet and his wife share the story of how faith in God healed their marriage.

by Graham and Treena Kerr

Actress Ann Blyth

In this story from December 1952, the acclaimed actress recalls how, inspired by her mother, she came to acquire her own spiritual strength.

by Ann Blyth

Sandy Duncan

In this story from March 1973, the actress explains how she came to appreciate the life lessons she learned through experiencing disappointment.

by Sandy Duncan

Television personality Monty Hall

In this story from September 1975, the popular game show host celebrates his mother's legacy of love.

by Monty Hall

Soprano Beverly Sills

In this story from November 1973, the beloved operatic soprano shares how God helped her cope with her special-needs children.

by Beverly Sills
, New York, New York

An artist's portrait of Corrie ten Boom

In this story from November 1972, the author of The Hiding Place recalls forgiving a guard at the concentration camp where her sister died.

by Corrie ten Boom

Actress Michael Learned

In this story from October 1976, the Emmy-winning star of The Waltons tells how she found her pathway to prayer.

by Michael Learned

An artist's rendering of Buzz Aldrin

In this story from October 1970, the Apollo 11 astronaut reveals that the first liquid poured and the first food eaten on the moon were communion elements.

by Buzz Aldrin

Eddie Albert

In this story from January 1962, the Green Acres star shares how he turned the process of adopting a child over to the Lord.

by Eddie Albert
, Los Angeles, California

Della Reese

In this story from June 1981, the Touched by an Angel star shares how her faith guided her through a serious health crisis.

by Della Reese

Andy Griffith

In this story from November 1996, the beloved actor shares how he came to rely on God's grace and the love of his wife as he battled a mysterious illness.

by Andy Griffith
, Manteo, North Carolina

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