Recent Heaven Stories

Close-up of Scrabble letter tiles jumbled on the Scrabble board.

For me and my sister, Scrabble was more than just a board game…

by Vikki Wong
, Janesville, Wisconsin

God’s plan of salvation isn’t exclusive. It’s inclusive, available to all.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

ambulance with lights flashing speeding down the highway

A mother's worst nightmare turns into a miracle thanks to a heavenly healing hand.

by Debbie Mosher
, Manassas Park, Virginia

woman reading the Bible

Turn to Scripture when you need God's reassurance and comfort.

by Catherine Marshall

A grandmother's love evokes the love of Christ–strong and pure and sweet.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

Bill Giovannetti

In this preview from Daily Guideposts 2015, an amazing vacation helps this devotional writer see heavenly beauty in each and every day.

by Bill Giovannetti
, Redding, California

woman smiling while reading the Bible

Use this prayer tip from The Prayer Power Club Newsletter to bring new understanding to the world's best loved prayer.

by Mimi Jones Hedwig
, Patterson, New York

two little girls playing in a creek

In this excerpt from Dreams of Angels, a grieving daughter begs God to help her see her alcoholic mother in a new light.

by Lou Dean

A photograph of the sky over a church reveals more than just clouds.

by Colleen Hughes

Actual photo of author's friend, Kevin.

Even with my doubts, I knew my best friend would always be with me…

by John DeFiora
, Asbury Park, New Jersey

close-up of a man in a tank top and running shorts.

A heavenly stranger saved her life that summer vacation.

by Janice Rice

Rachael and Jack

Her young son was nervous about undergoing a chest X-ray, but a surprise visit allayed his fears.

by Rachael Fabanich-McBride
, Beaver, Pennsylvania

Harry was telling me he was proud of me and all the work I’d put into my land. A message I heard loud and clear, thanks to a golf ball hit straight from heaven.

by Diana Aydin

gorgeous photo of lotus flowers blooming

Nature can teach us many lessons, but one of the most important is this...

by Norman Vicent Peale

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