Guideposts Military Outreach is dedicated to helping all branches of the Armed Forces, Veterans Administration personnel and military families achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential.

Each year, we give more than one million copies of inspirational publications to help sustain the men and women serving our country. As more Americans risk their lives to defend freedom, dedicated U.S. Military chaplains continue to request copies of Guideposts magazine, the military-edition of Daily Guideposts, inspirational booklets and personally signed Christmas cards.

Our positive, faith-filled messages minister to those in harm’s way and provide the hope and help they need, by letting them know that they are not forgotten and by reminding them that God is with them every step they take. Your gift to support Guideposts Military Outreach will help us put the comfort and peace found in Guideposts publications into the hands of thousands of service men and women who defend our country.

Guideposts Outreach Presents Military Day of Prayer

Guideposts supports the men and women in the service through inspirational stories and prayer. Show you care, send a prayer!

Fearless on the Fourth of July

A soldier's story of how a community helped him battle his fear of fireworks through prayer.

Mysterious Ways: The Other Wingman

An Air Force fighter pilot was in trouble over Vietnam.

Supporting Our Wounded Warriors

The Bob Woodruff Foundation helps families transition from the battlefield to the home front.

An Unexpected Cup of Inspiration

Moved by an Army medic's account of serving in Iraq, she signed up to correspond with active-duty soldiers. One had a very familiar name...

American Hero: Jas Boothe Fights for Homeless Women Veterans

Her non-profit organization, Final Salute, has helped over 300 homeless women vets and their children

A Perfect Way to Say Thank You

As we celebrate veterans, take a moment to show you care.

Inspiring Letters from Home

“Imagine how you would feel, alone in a country where you don’t have family or friends,” she said to her class.

How to Become a Veteran-Friendly Congregation

Returning veterans don't always know where to turn for assistance, comfort and support. Here are some ways your church can help.