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Close-up of woman holding keys.

Would my daughter ever find the right home?

by Karen Strand
, Lacey, Washington

In honor of a 31st birthday, here's a list of wonders both big and small and some completely strange!

by Diana Aydin

The love of God is there to comfort us. But how do you access that love when you are grieving?

by Rick Hamlin

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel

With the sheer number of depressing stories in the media, how can we keep a positive attitude in our day-to-day lives? Assistant editor Daniel Kessel offers some mysterious, and positive, alternatives.

by Adam Hunter

An artist's rendering of Paul's kayak and the family bus on a collision course

He'd set out to kayak the length of the Mississippi River, but it wasn't going well. Then the cell phone he thought was broken rang...

by Paul Stutzman
, Berlin, Ohio

An artist's rendering of a soldier sheltered by a floating, glowing blanket

In the midst of a fierce battle, a soldier feels a strange calm envelope him. Was he the only one to experience this comfort?

by John Senka
, Wayland, New York

A special service for a special person and not a growl to be heard.

by Diana Aydin

His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II and Diana Aydin's family

He decided to keep this little miracle quiet. But he had no doubt about the results of the election...

by Diana Aydin

close-up of a church pew

Arriving late for church was bad. Being the center of attention? Even worse.

by Laura Kaye
, New York, New York

A young man next to a taxi in Ecuador, 1961. Photo courtesy Found magazine.

Photos have a way of solving old mysteries or giving us a glimpse into the inexplicable, writes today’s guest blogger Daniel Kessel.

by Adam Hunter
from Blog entry

Reunited brothers Isaac Nolting and Dakotah Zimmer

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel tells the story of a coincidence that reunited long-lost brothers–and answered a mother’s prayers.

by Adam Hunter

The rear bumper of a red car with a Just Married sign on it

Her dealings with the DMV had been protracted and frustrating, but the payoff was very much worth it.

by Mallory Lindert
, Theresa, Wisconsin

A man in a blue shirt praying

Click through the images to read one heating repairman's humorous tale of receiving a heavenly assist in making a repair.

There are so many unexpected things in this world, so many mysteries and wonders...

by Edward Grinnan

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