Inexplicable Coincidence

Recent Inexplicable Coincidence Stories

Roadside trees illuminated at night by car headlights

Never comfortable driving at night, she lost control of her car on a dark, winding road. Were her worst fears to be realized?

by Carole Murphy
, Bishop, Georgia

An artist's rendering of Aline's crystal earring

She lost her crystal earring just as she was to transfer to another train. Was it a lost cause?

by Aline Newman
, Turin, New York

close-up of a church pew

Arriving late for church was bad. Being the center of attention? Even worse.

by Laura Kaye
, New York, New York

The rear bumper of a red car with a Just Married sign on it

Her dealings with the DMV had been protracted and frustrating, but the payoff was very much worth it.

by Mallory Lindert
, Theresa, Wisconsin

A woman circles a want ad in a newspaper.

Her husband was proud to provide for them. But at 53, he couldn’t find another job.

by Pat Claudio
, Madison, Ohio

Captain Robert A. Bager, U.S. Army

Click through the images to read one woman's tale of receiving a Christmas message from heaven.

A woman dials 911 on her cell phone.

She was certain she heard a woman calling for help, but why did no one else hear those cries of distress?

by Julia Eie
, Yakima, Washington

surgeons in a hallway

I opened up my Bible searching for reassurance that everything would be okay.

by Patricia Hartmann
, Ojai, California

small girl playing the piano

The piano was a gift that kept on giving.

by Susan Dodd Atkinson
, Castle Hayne, North Carolina

Woman on the side of the road, using her cell phone beside a broken-down car.

We missed out on visiting a friend… but we got to help another one.

by Roxine Shields
, Silver Spring, Maryland

woman driving car

I had a bad habit of speeding. Send me a sign when I’m driving too fast, I prayed, before it's too late.

by Kay McDaniel
, Cleveland, TN

illustration of a frantic woman making a phone call

My too-busy brain nearly ruined my volunteer group’s event. But someone had my back.

by Maureen Guffanti
, Vista, California

A comic-book-style illustration of Craig Pennington & the young woman he helped

A young woman desperately needed his help. But would he find the right words to pull her back from the brink?

by Craig Pennington
, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

dashboard door ajar warning light

She was running late when something slowed her down, a warning she couldn’t ignore.

by Karen Wharton
, Jamul, California

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