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Inexplicable Coincidence

Recent Inexplicable Coincidence Stories

Woman making a cell phone call. Shutterstock.

My daughter needed a place of healing. I was out of ideas.

by Lynne Crimi
, Saratoga, New York

James Creamer - The Mysterious Voice That Saved a Soldier

Two little words that changed my family forever…

by LethaJoy Martin
, Timonium, Maryland

man's hands clasped in prayer as he prays The Lord's Prayer

My developmentally challenged son couldn’t stop praying…

by Joanne Baston
, Grapevine, Texas

newborn baby feet lovingly cradeled in a parent's hands

We couldn’t afford our newborn’s nursery bill...

by Grace Booth
, Picayune, Mississippi

Close-up of a doorbell

The kids and I were asleep when the chimes began ringing nonstop. What could be so important?

by Larry Rohloff
, Buffalo, New York

Close-up of woman holding keys.

Would my daughter ever find the right home?

by Karen Strand
, Lacey, Washington

An artist's rendering of Paul's kayak and the family bus on a collision course

He'd set out to kayak the length of the Mississippi River, but it wasn't going well. Then the cell phone he thought was broken rang...

by Paul Stutzman
, Berlin, Ohio

Diana's Uncle Jack

He feared a mishap would come back to haunt him...

by Diana Aydin
, New York, New York

Roadside trees illuminated at night by car headlights

Never comfortable driving at night, she lost control of her car on a dark, winding road. Were her worst fears to be realized?

by Carole Murphy
, Bishop, Georgia

An artist's rendering of Aline's crystal earring

She lost her crystal earring just as she was to transfer to another train. Was it a lost cause?

by Aline Newman
, Turin, New York

close-up of a church pew

Arriving late for church was bad. Being the center of attention? Even worse.

by Laura Kaye
, New York, New York

The rear bumper of a red car with a Just Married sign on it

Her dealings with the DMV had been protracted and frustrating, but the payoff was very much worth it.

by Mallory Lindert
, Theresa, Wisconsin

A woman circles a want ad in a newspaper.

Her husband was proud to provide for them. But at 53, he couldn’t find another job.

by Pat Claudio
, Madison, Ohio

Captain Robert A. Bager, U.S. Army

Click through the images to read one woman's tale of receiving a Christmas message from heaven.

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