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Angelic Treasure in the Henhouse

Among the brown eggs was one as white can be–with a secret message meant just for him.

By Douglas Scott Clark, Maryville, Tennessee

As appeared in

So you see, my egg really did come from an angel. The angel I was lucky enough to call Mama.

* * *

Want to make your own angel message? Douglas Scott Clark agreed to share the secret!

Start with an uncooked egg still in shell. Dissolve an ounce of alum in a half pint of vinegar. With a small pointed brush use this solution to write a simple message on the egg shell. Try “Happy Easter!”

After the solution has dried thoroughly on the egg, and all tracings of the writing have disappeared, boil the egg for 15 minutes. After the egg has cooled, crack it open and gently peel. The message will show clearly on the white of the egg.

Remember, alum is not edible, so DO NOT EAT the egg!