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Eyes of the Beholder

An angelic art teacher helps a devoted mother recognize the inspiration in her son's drawings.

By Paula Timpson, Venice, Florida

As appeared in

Like any artist, my six-year-old son, Jimmy, could be insecure about his creations. I just wanted to boost his self-confidence.

“Great job!” I told him whenever Jimmy showed me one of his drawings. “You are a natural.”

Last summer I enrolled Jimmy in a “doodling workshop.” I hope the teacher will know just what to say, I thought as we pulled up at the center. I want Jimmy to feel proud of himself.

We got him settled at a table with a pencil and paper. The children were instructed to draw without lifting their pencils off the paper. Soon Jimmy was absorbed in his work.

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“Okay, put your pencils down,” the teacher said. “Let’s look at what you’ve done.” She walked around to each child, holding up their doodles of animals and flowers and cars. I didn’t know what to expect when the teacher got to Jimmy. I held my breath. All I saw on his page was a whole mess of squiggles.

“Why, I see an angel!” the teacher told Jimmy. Jimmy beamed. I looked closer. She was right! I had been worried about my sensitive, talented artist, but divine inspiration had struck–both Jimmy and the teacher.


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