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Her Mother's Loving Arms

Though she dearly missed her departed mother, an unexpected gift from a friend brought her comfort.

By Myra Johnson, Grafton, New York

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Mornings usually find me raring to go, but today I dragged myself into work after a night of insomnia. Reading, counting sheep, soft music–nothing soothed me into a sleepy state.

Lying there frustrated and miserable in the dark, I thought the only thing that might have comforted me was a hug from my mom. She’d been dead for years, but still I often missed feeling her arms around me.

My coworker Gloria met me on the way to my desk. “Surprise!” she said, handing me a small blue box. “I knew you had to have this because you love angels so much.”

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It was true. Gloria had heard me talk about angels dozens of times. Too bad they couldn’t help me last night, I thought as I opened the box. Inside was a small, round medal. Funny, I didn’t see any angels on it.

“Oh, no!” Gloria said, looking into the box. “I must have picked up the wrong one!”

I admired the mother and child on the front and read the message on back: Daughter, know that my arms will always be around you.

The wrong gift? It was just the right gift. Angels had helped me after all.


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