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The Keys to Success

He had a knack for knowing a good instrument–and a child in need–when he saw one.

By Bobby Simma, Perkins, Oklahoma

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Lettie was in the third row, wearing her new glasses with the bright pink frames. She’d improved a lot in school since she got them. Listening to the kids sing I couldn’t help but think how much potential they had.

There were a lot of badly made pianos in the world but there was no such thing as a badly made child.

At dinner, I told my family about “the unveiling.” That’s when my son-in-law introduced me to Craigslist, a site where people put up ads for buying and selling. Right away I spotted some good model pianos, both nearby and in the neighboring states of Kansas and Texas. I’d struck gold!

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When I find a deal I drive to the piano to try it out myself. I make any small repairs the piano might need, clean it up the best I can, and Larry puts it in tune. Now Dayna calls me “The Piano Rescuer” for real.

You might say I got that job I’d imagined. Truth is, I’d had it all along. Bringing out the potential in a good piano isn’t so different from bringing out the potential in a child. And the angels are hard at work on their musical influences. I hear it in their voices every time I accompany them in the auditorium.


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