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Earth Angels

Not all angels are celestial beings.
Many of them are right here on earth.
Maybe you know someone whose life
has been touched by an angel. Maybe
you’ve encountered one of these earth angels
in the generosity of a mysterious stranger or a
helpful animal.

Our inspiring real-life stories of angel
sightings and angel encounters will l
eave no doubt in your mind:
God and his angels are at work
in the world today



Recent Earth Angels Stories

Rosemarie McManus

Out of gas, stranded on the shoulder, how would she get to her son's for Christmas Eve dinner?

by Rosemarie McManus
, Potomac Falls, Virginia

How often have you wondered if your own life was touched by an angel?

by Colleen Hughes

Tuna sushi

A woman who doesn't love standard holiday fare receives a pleasant surprise on Turkey Day.

by Kelly Palka Gallagher
, New York, New York

Thanks to a surprise angel sighting, I was able to coax a smile out of a stressed-out bride.

by Colleen Hughes

As my anxiety ebbed, feelings of gratefulness crept back in.

by Colleen Hughes

Kelly McDonough

Fearful of ending up alone like the elderly widow down the street, a young mother reaches out.

by Kelly McDonough
, Dunmore, Pennsylvania

The cover of What Is an Angel? by Adrienne Falzon

Even in the middle of busy New York, angels have a way of popping up unannounced...

by Colleen Hughes

Maggie Whelan

She had bought the Christmas toy everyone wanted, but she had no one to give it to.

by Maggie Whelan
, Slingerlands, New York

English teacher writing on chalk board.

Sometimes the difficult people in your life are actually blessings in disguise.

by Mary Jane Meyer

Today my earth angel was my boss, Guideposts editor-in-chief Edward Grinnan.

by Colleen Hughes

Listening to how God's angels are at work in the world helps us appreciate the blessings in our own lives.

by Colleen Hughes

Douglas's angel

A young boy's grandmother handcrafts a heavenly guardian that watches over him still.

by Douglas Scott Clark
, Maryville, Tennessee

An artist's rendering of a stone angel with a tiny bird perched on its finger

Heaven sent a familiar figure to again stand watch over her daughter's resting place.

by Annette Couch Powell
, Old Hickory, Tennessee

An artist's rendering of the two Dorothys

An unexpected letter from a woman with a familiar name sparks a devoted friendship.

by Dorothy Bowling
, Middletown, Ohio

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