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Earth Angels

Not all angels are celestial beings.
Many of them are right here on earth.
Maybe you know someone whose life
has been touched by an angel. Maybe
you’ve encountered one of these earth angels
in the generosity of a mysterious stranger or a
helpful animal.

Our inspiring real-life stories of angel
sightings and angel encounters will l
eave no doubt in your mind:
God and his angels are at work
in the world today



Recent Earth Angels Stories

An inspiring true story of one woman’s journey of faith from the movies to a monastery.

by Colleen Hughes

Randy Owen of Alabama

The popular musician pays tribute to a passionate teacher who inspired him to aim high.

by Randy Owen
, Fort Payne, Alabama

Fellow volunteer Lynda giggles with Pat.

A volunteer tutor who thought that Valentine's Day had passed her by learns that Cupid still has some surprises for her.

by Pat Dexter
, Mesa, Arizona

A simple compliment from an everyday angel—what a nice start to my day!

by Colleen Hughes

A Somebody Loves Me bear

A woman struggling with marital troubles is inspired by an unexpected gift from a little girl.

by Karen Clanin
, Peoria, Illinois

Reading a new issue of Angels on Earth makes the heavenly angels, earth angels and angel sightings come alive for me all over again.

by Colleen Hughes

Ben Breedlove

Do you believe in angels? This young man did—and he wasn’t afraid to let the world know.

by Colleen Hughes

Colleen Hughes, editor-in-chief, Angels on Earth

It's too easy to overlook the small kindnesses. But where would we be without these Earth Angels?

by Colleen Hughes
, New York, New York

Hope Jones and her client and friend, Rhonda

A salon owner is inspired by a customer's efforts to warn about the dangers of heart disease.

by Hope Jones
, Adelphi, Maryland

Patricia Walworth Wood and her husband, John

A woman with limited mobility is caught outside as a storm brews.

by Patricia Walworth Wood
, Indianapolis, Indiana

Stephanie Samoy's niece, Natalie

A Guideposts staffer's 16-year-old niece proves to be oh so angelic, and mature beyond her years.

by Stephanie Samoy
, New York, New York

Ambar Miranda and daughter Vittoria

A Puerto Rican family, struggling to make ends meet in Connecticut, receives a visit from some unexpected Earth Angels.

by Ambar Miranda
, New Britain, Connecticut

How did you spend your holidays? I spent mine with family all around me.

by Colleen Hughes

A beloved Christmas tree ornament and a playful kitten teach an important lesson about family and forgiveness.

by Colleen Hughes

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