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Earth Angels

Not all angels are celestial beings.
Many of them are right here on earth.
Maybe you know someone whose life
has been touched by an angel. Maybe
you’ve encountered one of these earth angels
in the generosity of a mysterious stranger or a
helpful animal.

Our inspiring real-life stories of angel
sightings and angel encounters will l
eave no doubt in your mind:
God and his angels are at work
in the world today



Recent Earth Angels Stories

Earth angel helps tourists in Times Square

No place is as crowded with tourists in New York City as Times Square. Maybe there’s someone in need of help right now, I thought. Someone who needs an earth angel.

by Meg Belviso

Encourage your child to be an earth angel on August 14—and every day!

by Colleen Hughes

What would the world feel like if we acted more like heavenly angels every day?

by Sophy Burnham

Earth angels come in the night

A grieving mother is plagued by sleeplessness, until a little earth angel steps in.

by Pam Warford
, Kenosha, Wisconsin

A second life as an earth angel

A dying tree is given a second life—as an earth angel.

by Robert McCormick
, Hornell, New Jersey

Illustration of angel wearing a green hat.

Our family broke down on a cross-country trip with three kids in tow.  We needed an angel to help us get back on the road.

by Teresa Olive
, Tacoma, Washington

An earth angel figurine to match!

A collector of angel figurines finds a rare statuette that has deep personal meaning.

by Joney Ferguson
, Dallas, Texas

An artist's rendering of a heavenly angel watching over boys stealing ice cream

Stealing the ice cream put us in a dangerous situation, but an angel was watching over us.

by Don Lumley
, Peoria, Arizona

Earth angel firefighter and fire engine

This little girl was like our angel, sent from God to remind us why we work so hard to save lives.

by Ron Bigness
, Mesa, Arizona

Peacock can be one of our earth angels

Furry, angelic creatures show us they're here to protect us and let us know we're never alone.

Earth angels for the garden

When possums started eating his vegetable garden, the new neighbors turned out to be his angels.

by Donald Ford
, Manlius, New York

Pam Jeffers and her husband, Robert

This farm couple was facing a crisis when a special horse proved he was one of their guardian angels.

by Pam Jeffers
, Albany, Ohio

Earth angels sun catchers

A love of the Earth inspires an angelic undertaking with these sun catchers.

by Bonita Bertovich
, Richmond, Virginia

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