Earth Angels

Not all angels are celestial beings.
Many of them are right here on earth.
Maybe you know someone whose life
has been touched by an angel. Maybe
you’ve encountered one of these earth angels
in the generosity of a mysterious stranger or a
helpful animal.

Our inspiring real-life stories of angel
sightings and angel encounters will l
eave no doubt in your mind:
God and his angels are at work
in the world today



Recent Earth Angels Stories

An angel for an escort

Lost in grief, the guardsman made sure I found my way.

by Donna Weaver
, Springfield, Illinois

Illustration of a child making a valentine.

Though this earth angel was only five, she taught him the meaning of love.

by Ken Rokusek
, Kenosha, Wisconsin

An earth angel taught them to love again

A family came together over Jonathan's special needs. How would they cope when he passed on?

by Pamela Klopfenstein
, Huber Heights, Ohio

Earth angels: Woman stitches gifts for others

An earth angel who feels inspired by making gifts for others.

by Phyllis Ruch
, Lewisburg, Pennslyvania

Earth angels help her create angelic art

Earth angels helped her turn a bland cement wall into a piece of art.

by Mariam Touzie
, New York, New York

A friendly milkman teaches Rosemary Marbach that God provides.

Even though Joe had next to nothing himself, he saw everyone around him as generous and good.

by Rosemary Marbach
, Boston, Massachusetts

Boy with angel wings

When her five-year-old son wonders about how he will get to heaven, a mother assures him he will soon be able to fly with the heavenly angels.

by Katherine Krahling
, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Black rabbit is an earth angel to grieving child

A pet rabbit gives comfort to a grieving child.

by Kathie Kania
, The Dalles, Oregon

An angel in fur

Desperate for help in a blizzard, help came not from humans, but an animal that's never been tamed.

by Carter Allen
, Burnsville, Minnesota

Angel made of a part of a license plate

One artist turns castaway items into extraordinary treasures

by Leighanna Light
, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Golden Retriever is earth angel for family

She'd certainly touched my life in a way no animal ever had.

by Sara Whalen
, Middletown, New York

Earth angels: Biker convinces couple to adopt

A stranger told Steve what I had been telling him all along. Maybe he just needed an earth angel to convince him.

by Michelle Skaletski-Boyd
, Columbia Falls, Montana

Spiritual growth helps woman move on from Lyme disease

Her spiritual growth helped her go on with her life after Lyme disease.

by Lisa Buffaloe
, Keller, Texas

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