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Earth Angels

Not all angels are celestial beings.
Many of them are right here on earth.
Maybe you know someone whose life
has been touched by an angel. Maybe
you’ve encountered one of these earth angels
in the generosity of a mysterious stranger or a
helpful animal.

Our inspiring real-life stories of angel
sightings and angel encounters will l
eave no doubt in your mind:
God and his angels are at work
in the world today



Recent Earth Angels Stories

She was trapped and wanted to pray with someone, then a priest walked up like an answer to her prayer...

by Colleen Hughes

Lynne Cobb knits

She never knew how much her charitable efforts meant until it was her father who was touched by someone else's generosity.

by Lynne Cobb
, Royal Oak, Michigan

Close-up of feet in a pair of red sneakers

In this excerpt from When Miracles Happen, a generous stranger gives a dying young woman the perfect gift.

by Susan Farr Fahncke

You’ll find inspiring earth angels of all ages, and a place to nominate an angel you know about.

by Colleen Hughes

Kari Warberg Block

Her husband claimed there was nothing to do about mice on a farm except get used to them. She was convinced otherwise.

by Kari Warberg Block
, Bismarck, North Dakota

Larry Fitzgerald
He’d been excited to try the new café in town, but the waitress was trying his patience.
by Larry Fitzgerald
, Abilene, Texas

A young J. Robert Mathias in his soldier's uniform

We left winter and the war outside to be welcomed into the warmth of Christmas.

by J. Robert Mathias
, Boonville, California

Roy Shull displays the shoulder patch Alois Wagner gave him.

A World War II soldier alone on the battlefield, confronted by an unlikely rescuer.

by Roy Shull
, Aiken, South Carolina

Richard Brookins as St. Nicholas arrives in a jeep accompanied by two angels

Kids in this European town hadn't celebrated Christmas in years because of the war.

by Richard Brookins
, Pittsford, New York

I looked up in surprise. How had the whole world changed in a single moment?

by Colleen Hughes

The Halo Pizza sign, depicting an angel making a pizza

Her angel collection was trapped in a burning building. What would become of those beloved figurines?

by Holly Ann Oliver
, Beecher, Illinois

Rick Hamlin

Only upon her passing did contributing editor Rick Hamlin understand the gifts given to his friend's mother.

by Rick Hamlin
, New York, New York

Grace's nephew Miles, a few years after the events of her story

She believed her grandson's tales of tremendous trouts caught and released, but would anyone else?

by Grace Thompson
, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Jill-Ayn Martin
A devoted journal writer, she'd never written about her close call with drowning. Now was the time.
by Jill-Ayn Martin
, Big Bear City, California

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