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Guardian Angels

Many religions teach that each of us
 is given an angel at birth, one who  
protects and guides us. These
 guardian angels communicate with
 us through dreams, whispers in our
souls, and, often, through others. 

In the Old Testament, guardian
angels guided Moses and
Tobias; in the New Testa-
ment, Jesus was minis-
tered to by his guardian
angel in the Garden of
Gethsemane. What
gratitude we feel for
this evidence of God's
 love and grace.

Recent Guardian Angels Stories

An artist's rendering of a half-dozen deer with tiny angel wings

Miles away from the nearest neighbor or phone, she suffered a stroke. She needed help fast.

by Patrice Vacca
, Moscow, Pennsylvania

An artist's rendering of an angel in a dinghy tossing out a lifeline

Two lives, both stormy as the sea, are put back on track by a mysterious stranger.

by Stuart Reininger
, West Mystic, Connecticut

A mysterious stranger gave her a blanket after an auto accident on a wintry day.

A kindly stranger covered her with a blanket after she was injured in a wintry car accident—but where did he go?

by Eileen Jurain
, Derby, New York

Don't forget your personal heavenly messenger–the Pope doesn't!

by Colleen Hughes

William Thatcher on out on the river in this boat

He was sure he'd heard someone call his name as he navigated the swollen river, but there was no one around...or was there?

by William Thatcher
, Shirley, Illinois

Becca Hart and her greyhound, Mike

Handlers brought out one greyhound after another. Some were stately. Some were bouncy. And then came Mike.

by Becca Hart
, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Heavenly beams shine down through the clouds on a curving highway.

A family is shaken by a car crash except for one little boy who caught a glimpse of divine protectors.

by Vesta-Nadine Severs
, Neosho, Missouri

Jennie Bailor

She thought she was alone when she caused a terrible auto accident, but another driver's account insisted that, in fact, she had an unseen passenger.

by Jennie Bailor
, Bremen, Ohio

Boy's hand held reassuringly.

A mother recalls a time when a group of children from the other side helped her and her son through a health crisis.

by Natalie Hullander
, Mt. Holly, North Carolina

A photo of a pretzel vendor's wares

Lost in a dark and desolate section of Manhattan, she was fearful about finding her way to the bright lights of midtown.

by Jennie Wilson
, Lynchburg, Virginia

A boy walks by the shoreline.

A teenage boy is lost at a Florida beach until a divine discovery guides him to his family.

by Delynn Martin
, Bourbon, Missouri

Richard Tallmadge feeds Baby some spaghetti.

If only the featherless little thing had a real guardian angel watching over him, a guardian angel just for baby birds...

by Richard Tallmadge
, Rockton, Illinois

artist's rendering of an angel in the sky.

In this excerpt from Hospitals, Hope and Healing, a heavenly visitor prays with a dying man and heals him of pain and fear.

by Melissa Deal Forth

An artist's rendering of an angel on the rooftop of a house

They'd already had to spring for three new roofs in four years, and another Oklahoma hailstorm was bearing down on them.

by Dewayne Parish
, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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