Guardian Angels

Many religions teach that each of us
 is given an angel at birth, one who  
protects and guides us. These
 guardian angels communicate with
 us through dreams, whispers in our
souls, and, often, through others. 

In the Old Testament, guardian
angels guided Moses and
Tobias; in the New Testa-
ment, Jesus was minis-
tered to by his guardian
angel in the Garden of
Gethsemane. What
gratitude we feel for
this evidence of God's
 love and grace.

Recent Guardian Angels Stories

An artist's rendering of a guardian angel watching over a sleeping young girl

A two-year-old's guardian angel watches over her when she gets lost in the woods of rural Pennsylvania.

by Christi Marie
, Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania

A car wades into a deep puddle.

A deep puddle had flooded her car's engine and she was blocking traffic. Would someone come to her aid?

by Arlene Beilage
, Naples, Florida

Lora Thomas with her husband, Darryl

The fog enveloped them in its haze, hiding them from sight–but she felt safe and at peace.

by Lora Thomas
, Monroe, Washington

Jeremy Burchfield

Trapped in his dorm room by a raging fire, he felt sure he was going to die.

by Jeremy Burchfield
, Cleveland, Tennessee

An artist's rendering of a young woman and an angel atop a brown horse

A shy teenager is inspired by a gentle horse, who may be a little more heavenly than she thought.

by Tina Wickizer
, Fort Collins, Colorado

Amber Parker gives Wrangler an affectionate hug.

That horse was like a runaway car with no brakes. How would she escape without being injured or worse?

by Amber Parker
, Ovilla, Texas

It’s not every day a guardian angel shows herself in the heavens.

by Colleen Hughes

A roadside mailbox on a snowy, icy day

She'd fallen on the ice and wondered how she'd get back up the steep hill to her house. But a man in overalls was there to help.

by Bernardine Paulson
, Fargo, North Dakota

Eight-year-old Emily tells of her encounter with a mysterious stranger.

You'll be inspired by this eight-year-old's tale of being protected from a killer tornado.

An artist's rendering of a windblown weather vane

Floundering in icy-cold waters, she feared no one would hear her cries for help.

by Shari Austero
, Portland, Oregon

Ice fisherman Dave Gibbons poses with a 13-pound sturgeon he later caught.

He'd fallen through the ice while fishing and things looked grim–until a mysterious stranger showed up with a rope...

by Dave Gibbons
, St. Paul, Minnesota

A man's hand crumples a pack of cigarettes.

He'd tried for years to stop smoking, but a warning from a mysterious stranger did the trick.

by Peter Gianakura
, Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan

Heroic bus driver Darnell Barton

Darnell Barton proved to be a guardian angel for a distraught woman he encountered on his bus route.

An artist's rendering of a winged young lifeguard on the beach

During an outing on a deserted beach, an undertow threatened her life and her young son's. Who could rescue them?

by Carol Lynn Sikes
, Hinesville, Georgia

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