Angelic Presence in a Field of Dreams

Whose hands and gentle voice calmed her in the aftermath of a terrible auto accident?

By Katherine Dean, Williamsburg, Ohio

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Last thing I remembered was driving home with my mother. Now I was surrounded by twisted metal and broken glass. We’ve had an accident, I thought. I must have passed out. I tried to get up. Pain shot through my body.

I looked outside the car and saw a sunny green field alive with vibrant yellow buttercups. I felt a pair of hands gently push me back into my seat, but I didn’t see anyone. “Lie back,” a voice said. “It’s not your time to go to the field yet.” I passed out again.

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My husband, Jimmie, was by my side when I woke up again in the hospital, in a full body cast. The doctor explained that I’d been unconscious for three days. “It was critical that you didn’t move before the EMTs arrived,” he said.

Jimmie waited until we were alone, and then leaned in close. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “Your mother didn’t survive.”

I thought back to the details of that day. The comforting hands, the sunny green field full of buttercups.

“When I tried to get out of the car someone kept me safe,” I told Jimmie. “A field of buttercups off the side of the road looked like a heavenly landscape in bright, glorious sunlight.”

Jimmie shook his head. “No, honey. The car went off the road by a cornfield. And it was raining.”

Jimmie showed me newspaper articles about the accident. The photographs proved him right: Mother and I had been hit head-on near a cornfield on a rainy day. But how had I seen that sunlit vision of buttercups? Whose invisible hands had guided me back into my seat?

Perhaps I’ve been given a glimpse of Mother’s heavenly home. Surely the angel who kept me safe guided her into that glorious field.


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As a new RN I was working the night shift. I had grown fond of a patient who was dying from cancer. I spent as much time with her as time and responsibility allowed. I even took my chart rack to her room at times so she wouldn't be alone. One night as I was charting she suddenly lifted her hand pointing to a spot behind me. As I turned, not seeing anyone or thing, I asked "what are you seeing?". Her response, "it's Jesus, isn't He beautiful?" She slept more comfortably that night and seemed to have less pain from then until she died a couple of days later. I didn't see Him but I felt His presence as He blessed her remaining time on earth.;

Angelic presence? You bet. A dear cousin of mine dying of cancer was cradled in his loving wife's arms when he said to her, "Oh, honey...look at all the little angels flitting about...they are so beautiful...and then he closed his eyes and died. He had never been incoherent or "out of it"
just enduring the pain he felt and conversing with his wife when he smiled broadly, she said, and tried to lift an arm with a pointed finger. He glanced left and right with a gentle movement of his head trying to convey what he saw. I choose to believe he was being accompanied by the little angels to his home in heaven.

I hear and read nonbelievers declare there is no evidence of an afterlife. Here, again, is some more evidence of that life. That they will ignore.


What a beautiful affirming story of angelic intercession. I was in a rollover accident several years ago. I recall upon awaking just before opening my eyes I could feel the touch of someones hand on my arm. When I opened my eyes no one was there but I had such a feeling of peace and calm within me that I knew it was divine intervention.

Angels are everywhere. I work in a nursing home and one night as one of the resident's were dying, I was walking down the hall with the grand daughter. We were carrying on a conversation when I felt a comforting touch around my shoulder. I said to her, "Did you just put your arm around me?" She said no, and her hands were in front of her. It was the first time that I felt something working in that home and it was very comforting. Someone was there to take my friend and resident home.