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Blessings on a Breeze

Walking among Northern California's giant redwoods, she was reminded by a sudden wind who it was that created it all.

By Deborah Heberly, Blue Lake, California

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On a quiet, misty Northern California morning, I walked through a lush green forest of ferns scattered beneath tall redwood trees, where I sometimes spotted deer roaming in the distance or a hawk soaring high above.

The air was damp from the coastal fog, and I could smell just a hint of the salty ocean. God’s majesty was on full display as I communed with him and delighted in his splendid creation.

I continued on my path, speaking to God in my heart. I longed to have a comforting reply–to hear God’s voice. But the woods around me remained quiet.

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The morning had been calm, but a sudden wind whipped up in the treetops. A gust of air, like a breath, blew through the redwoods, rustling their branches. When the sound reached my ears it was as though God was assuring me, “I am here. I am with you. I am always with you.”

I smiled and recalled the Bible passage from the Book of Jeremiah, verse 10:13: “When the Lord utters his voice, he brings forth the wind from his storehouses.” God had found a way to reassure me that whatever my needs, he will provide them, each and every day.


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