The Little Blond Angel

In this excerpt from The Best Angel Stories of 2014, a desperate woman in an abusive relationship is rescued by an unlikely angel.

By Louise Ringhee


My husband, James, was a drinker. We’d been married 15 years, and every day he wasn’t working he hit the bars as soon as they opened. Beer after beer washed down shot after shot of whiskey. Then he’d come home and scream at me, “You’re nothing!”

That particular summer afternoon, James stumbled in and snarled, “Gimme some money.” I didn’t have any. I was terrified he’d start hitting me. Again. Abruptly, James staggered toward me and knocked me over. Then he went out, slamming the screen door behind him. I heard his truck squeal out of our driveway while I lay on the floor, sobbing.

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I can’t go on like this, Lord. After picking myself up and snatching my keys, I left the house. For the last time, I thought as I got into my Plymouth Duster. In my mind, one of us had to die for this situation to end. And I was going to be the one.

I headed toward the bridge, intent upon driving my car off it. I had that utter sense of clarity that overwhelming despair sometimes brings. It’s the only way, I thought.

As I passed by the community pool, I saw a little blond boy in swim trunks standing on the corner, crying and rubbing his eyes with his fists. Must have lost his mommy.

Pulling over to the curb, I called out the window, “Are you okay, honey?”

He shook his head. “My daddy forgot to pick me up.”

My heart went out to the little boy.  He must have felt so abandoned. “Come on, I’ll take you home,” I offered.

He looked at me, then opened the car door and climbed in. “Where do you live?” I asked. “Just show me where to go.” He told me to turn right at the next corner and directed me to the outskirts of town. Tidy rows of houses greeted us. It was a neighborhood I’d never been in before.

These developments were springing up everywhere. He pointed at a new ranch house. “That’s it!” he cried. I stopped.

“Here you are, sweetie,” I said.

“Thanks,” he called as he rushed into the house.

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In the driveway there was a man working under the hood of a car. “I brought your boy home,” I hollered, then drove on. I passed the bridge on the way back to town. But my desire to kill myself had been replaced with a sense of hope and renewed faith.

Amazingly, my attitude felt stronger than it had in years. I joined a spousal support group and gained an understanding of what it means to be in an abusive marriage. It took time, work, and prayer, but eventually I was able to recover my sense of self. This changed things for the better for me.

One day I happened to tell a friend about the boy who had inadvertently saved my life.

“You should go back and see how he’s doing,” she urged.

Soon after, I drove out to the development, taking the same route as before. I came to the same street, except there were no tidy rows of homes. No ranch house. Just a field of grass and trees. Yet I knew this had been the spot where the little boy lived. At least for that one day years ago when I needed him.

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The other side of the story: My husband was an alcoholic, but he was not abusive to me; only to himself. He suffered from depression & I think he may have been bipolar, although he was never diagnosed. Last September, he committed suicide. I miss him so much & I wish I had been able to convince him of God's love for him. Ladies, pray for your husbands to see God's Love.

This truly gave me chills. I have several God moments in my life. HE truly is an AMAZING God.

I live with an abusive alcoholic....I live this woman's pain everyday....and wish my suffering would come to an end....

Suicide is never the answer. God has a plan for each of our lives. Cutting your life short only adds to the world's pain and suffering and hopelessness. I will pray for you. I sympathize. Alcohol and drugs have created many monsters. It is hard to believe unless you've experienced it. You probably believe more of the hateful things your husband has said about you than you realize.
God often has a wonderful change just around the corner for us. Wait and pray for guidance. Perhaps God will show you a way to leave your husband. Or God may change your husband and heal the pain in your heart and mind. Try to find supportive friends in church.
Last year, my husband wanted a divorce to see if he could be even happier without me. Now, he is transformed, seeking to be more Christ-like. My home is a happy haven for the first time in about 10 years. We've been married over 30 years. I wondered how I could ever be happy with my husband after the things he'd said and done. God blessed me with miraculous changes in him and my marriage and took the pain and heartache out of me. Have hope. Pray. Remember who you are-God's precious and beloved child, here on earth for a purpose.

Mary, I am happy to hear that your life is happy now. I have been married over 34 years to a man that is so heartless. For the first nine yes I got the beatings and cussing, now I just get the cussing, hurtful remarks and NO respect
He's not an alcoholic, but he does drink a few drinks every night and he drives my truck to work and other places with a cousin and I tell him not to drink in my truck. But they do it anyway. He thinks he can do as he pleases 'cuz he's the one working and I'm not because of medical reasons. I have took it for years and years that I was like the women in the story. Someone will have to die before its over. My Mother is very religious and my oldest brother is a preacher. My whole family thinks I'm crazy for staying, but at this moment I can't afford to leave yet. But I know one day I will. My son tells me that he has me right where he wants me
No way to go and No money to do it with. I have prayed that things would change but they haven't in 34 years, then it probably won't. I have gibe up on him completely, its not worth all the heart ache and pain anymore. Bless you and your marriage.

Marsha, Bless you. Some words of encouragement. I've been married 33yrs and have also been verbally abused so much so the for 30yr I cried every day, I lost all confidence in myself and thought that perhaps he is right I am worthless. Then an amazing thing happened I found a new relationship someone that loves me unconditionally. He helped me find myself again. He gave me the boldness to stand up to my husband. I astound myself at the things that I can do now. The new friendship/ relationship I found was Jesus. I prayed one day and said 'Lord why don't you help me. Why don't you lift me up out of this mess" You know what his reply was "Why don't you let me" I though wow. I'm so wrapped up in my woes that I'm not see or hearing God's voice. I still get exasperated but I don't cry. I sing songs of praise and worship. One of the songs is "I am loved I'm accepted by the Savior of my soul" Stand up, stand firm Marsha. God is on your side. He is a God of the impossible, a God that will give live to what does not exist.

''My Mother is very religious and my oldest brother is a preacher. My whole family thinks I'm crazy for staying, but at this moment I can't afford to leave yet..''

Why can't your mother and your brother-preacher help you out? wouldn't that be the most''christian'' thing to do?

At times you cannot pray a situation away. You pray, then take a step, pray, take another step...
God Bless!

Dear Marsha Anne,
I will pray that God will make a way for you, keep you safe and bring you peace and comfort and joy. God Bless you.

PLEASE seek help. Women's hotlines for abusive relationships, safe houses, church, something. You deserve better. I'm praying you get help. God Bless.

Dear Nancy S,
Please know that you are in my prayers, beginning today. God loves you and so do I. Your friend in Christ, Ann

I believe in angels. What a wonderful story. My husband is a recovered alcoholic so I sympathize with the lady. Hope she is happy now.

Love the Angel stories.