Heavenly Angels

In the Bible, heavenly angels often
bring good news—it was an angel
that told Mary she would give birth
to Jesus and angels that 
his birth. It was an angel at the tomb
who told of Christ's resurrection.

Heavenly angels—archangels,
guardian angels, cherubim and
seraphim—take many forms. They 

can appear in dreams, be a voice you
suddenly hear 
speaking your name,
arrive as a patch of sun breaking 

through the clouds, bringing comfort when
you need it most.


Recent Heavenly Angels Stories

An artist's rendering of an angel bringing rain

A survival story about a man who escapes death during a forest fire thanks to a surprise gift from his guardian angel.

by Douglas Scott Clark
, Maryville, Tennessee

Each chime reminded him of his relationship with God.

by Vernon Tichler
, Morrison, Illiniois

illustration of woman walking with an angel

Out of nowhere, a guardian angel saves a mother and daughter from danger.

by Donna Griffith
, Lafayette, Tennessee

Pictures of Angels with Wings

An angel suddenly appeared to escort my mother to her new home in heaven.

by Renee Coy
, Strafford, Missouri

Dream angels visiting a sleeping man.

Even if you've never encountered an angel in your everyday life, you may have met one in a dream. 

The angels of the Lord often play vital roles in the events occurring in the Bible, like this one, from the Book of Numbers.

by Colleen Hughes

Anita with granddaughter Aimee Rose

Above all else, she wanted to be a grandmother. And then a miracle happened.

by Anita Schacher
, Gearhart, Oregon

Illustration by Marci Roth depicting a woman with hedge clippers

A woman keeps her husband's cancer diagnosis a secret from her neighbors, not knowing how much she will need their help.

by Lynn Halloran
, Frankfort, Illinois

Illustration by Matt Vincent

The mysterious stranger with the strength of an angel rescued her when no one else could.


by Danita Cahill
, Lebanon, Oregon

I was working on our Illuminating Angels video series, the one segment on angels and dreams, when I remembered a dream I myself had more than ten years ago.

by Colleen Hughes

One woman’s guardian angel was closer than she knew.

by Joan Wester Anderson

An angel comforts Jesus

Learn how angels comfort us by bringing God’s love to us.

Messenger angel helping a man in need.

Whether it’s carrying our prayers to heaven or delivering God’s Word to us, these divine beings always have something miraculous to share.

Hope Grows in a Garden

While going through a difficult time, this single mother learns about the power of faith and angels.

by Lori Sciame
, Beloit, Wisconsin

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