Heavenly Angels

In the Bible, heavenly angels often
bring good news—it was an angel
that told Mary she would give birth
to Jesus and angels that 
his birth. It was an angel at the tomb
who told of Christ's resurrection.

Heavenly angels—archangels,
guardian angels, cherubim and
seraphim—take many forms. They 

can appear in dreams, be a voice you
suddenly hear 
speaking your name,
arrive as a patch of sun breaking 

through the clouds, bringing comfort when
you need it most.


Recent Heavenly Angels Stories

Guardian Angels

Who do guardian angels guard? Children? Everyone? Find out more about our winged protectors.

Grandchildren Daniel & Carly are about to get a treat for Halloween.

Heavenly angels give these children a Halloween treat.

by Joan Sanchez
, Norwalk, California

Illuminating Angels

Hear the inspiring story behind the archangel Raphael and his storied healing powers.

Illuminating Angels video series: Michael the protective angel

Learn about this warrior angel who protects us.

An artist's rendering of a cloud shielding a woman and her horse from the sun

A horse and rider pray to heavenly angels for relief from the intense summer weather.

by Wanda Rosseland
, Circle, Montana

Heavenly angels bring hamster home

They looked everywhere for her daughter's furry friend. Could the heavenly angels help?

Illustration of angel holding author's son.

I couldn't remember my past. How could I have a future?

by Bill Jeralds
, Venture, California

In a dream as vivid as life, I saw two colossal angels floating over Art's bed, one above his head and the other at his side.

by Delores Bates
, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

Angel in red dress

My choir was going to perform in a bad part of town and I had a special solo. I was nervous—until an unforgettable angel sighting helped me through it.

by Virginia Kester Smiley
, Webster, New York

Boy with angel wings

When her five-year-old son wonders about how he will get to heaven, a mother assures him he will soon be able to fly with the heavenly angels.

by Katherine Krahling
, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Christmas Angels

The holidays were filled with anxiety and depression for one man. But a few Christmas angels might be just what he needs.

by David Waite
, Witney, Oxfordshire, England

Heavenly angel sitting next to father and son at baseball game

There was a problem at the ticket office, but with help from an angel, this father and son will never forget this baseball game.

by Tom Elliott
, Nipomo, California

Pets: Ornament to remember dog

The family dog would always be with them. After all, pets become our heavenly angels when they're gone.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

angel-shaped cookie cutter

All I wanted was to feel close to Mom on Thanksgiving. Were the heavenly angels listening?

by Lonnie Parker-Janszen
, San Antonio, Texas

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