Heavenly Angels

In the Bible, heavenly angels often
bring good news—it was an angel
that told Mary she would give birth
to Jesus and angels that 
his birth. It was an angel at the tomb
who told of Christ's resurrection.

Heavenly angels—archangels,
guardian angels, cherubim and
seraphim—take many forms. They 

can appear in dreams, be a voice you
suddenly hear 
speaking your name,
arrive as a patch of sun breaking 

through the clouds, bringing comfort when
you need it most.


Recent Heavenly Angels Stories

Pauline and Kenneth shortly before their wedding

On the verge of committing to someone for life, she didn’t trust anyone completely. Not even God

by Pauline Weaver
, Penn Yan, New York

An artist's rendering of two young girls scurrying off to church

Two young girls running late for church receive a heavenly boost.

by Phyllis Christophersen
, Beloit, Wisconsin

An artist's rendering of Susan's dream

In this excerpt from Dreams of Angels, a woman's hope for a new home seems out of reach until a heavenly message reassures her it is meant to be.

by Susan Fawcett
, Springfield, Missouri

A cash register in a grocery store

A rainy day. A hyper toddler. I was at my wit’s end.

by Bonnie Weed
, New Milford, Connecticut

baby in the hospital

A heavenly visitor stayed in the hospital room and prayed all night for our little boy.

by Marlene J. Chase

Computer keyboard with universal symbols for man, woman, heart

Singles on opposite coasts meet online and discover they're a match made in heaven.

by Corey Gilmore
, Juneau, Alaska

Kyle Woodard

He had a bold request, but God had never let him down before.

by Kyle Woodard
, Spokane, Washington

Alice Klies and her husband, Ray

When their favorite song played as their daughter was born, they knew God was with them.

by Alice Klies
, Cottonwood, Arizona

A chain of paper clips, colorfully lit and photographed on a table top

Every time she came across a stray paper clip, she knew that her departed father was looking over her.

by Cheryl Bickhart
, Sunbury, Pennsylvania

An artist's rendering of an angel kneeling before the Christ child

A woman grieving the loss of her mother is comforted by an unexpected heavenly visitor.

by Kathleen Zarda
, Mattoon, Wisconsin

A Santa outfit hangs from a coat rack.

A single mom of limited means is amazed when an expected visitor pays a call on Christmas.

by Suzy Zabel
, Westminster, Maryland

Jarmila Del Boccio

A homesick Chicago woman living in the New Guinea bush receives a special holiday greeting.

by Jarmila Del Boccio
, Chicago, Illinois

statue of an angel praying

Praying with a woman in dire need, I feared I'd gotten in over my head.  Miraculously, God's ministers joined me.

by Rebecca House
, Chelsea, Michigan

Katha Bardel

A lifelong ballerina, this dance instructor was ready to retire—until she heard an angel's voice in the night.

by Katha Bardel
, Edmond, Oklahoma

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