Heavenly Angels

In the Bible, heavenly angels often
bring good news—it was an angel
that told Mary she would give birth
to Jesus and angels that 
his birth. It was an angel at the tomb
who told of Christ's resurrection.

Heavenly angels—archangels,
guardian angels, cherubim and
seraphim—take many forms. They 

can appear in dreams, be a voice you
suddenly hear 
speaking your name,
arrive as a patch of sun breaking 

through the clouds, bringing comfort when
you need it most.


Recent Heavenly Angels Stories

artwork with angels playing instruments

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Phyllis Swenson

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Angels appear in the Old Testament as messengers, protectors and guides.  Meet those who helped Abraham, Hagar, Isaac and Jacob.

Lindsay Butler, husband Rick and children Lacey and Lars

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Illustration of an angel with a candle

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