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Angels On Earth

Many people believe that angels are God's
messengers at work in the world today.
Angels come in many forms, from
helpful animals to mysterious strangers,
from glorious heavenly angels to
earth angels, human beings who
generously help others.


Angels can also come to us in
dreams, on a breeze, or in a
strain of music. When they
appear, they always radiate
life-affirming hope.


Recent Angels on Earth Stories

An artist's rendering of a piano and bench. An angel's feather is on the bench.

It's said that music is the language of angels; here's a story that proves it.

by Glenn Paul
, Titusville, New Jersey

An artist's rendering of a teenager with angel wings and a red hoodie

After so many years of crash diets and food binges, she feared she was beyond help, but a mysterious teenager in a baseball cap knew otherwise.

by Rosemary Marbach
, Boston, Massachusetts

An artist's rendering of Walter P. Smith and King Brooks sitting on a curb

Even as a boy, I knew he was a man well named.

by Walter P. Smith
, Richmond, Virginia

An artist's rendering of the sparrow Tim assisted

I felt trapped in a job I hated. But everything changed the day I had to help a creature more helpless than I was.

by Tim Fecteau
, Sterling Heights, Michigan

An artist's rendering of Native-American angels speaking to young Kenneth

My boss looked me in the eye. 'You have 60 days to improve,' he said.

by Kenneth Meeks
, New York, New York

A young girl in a soccer uniform, with a yellow butterfly on her left shoulder

A promised sign from beyond assured a family that their beloved friend was at peace and happy.

by Irene Slaughter
, Mooresville, North Carolina

An artist's rendering of a bunch of long-stemmed roses with angel wings

A women's decision to change jobs is reaffirmed through the delivery of two dozen red roses.

by Tressie Karl
, Slidell, Louisiana

A golfer snowglobe

She longed for a sign from her departed husband, a man who loved golf. He came through in the clutch.

by Joy Kapsala
, Sun City West, Arizona

How the famous French cathedral was protected during World War I and II

by Colleen Hughes

Dorraine Fisher

Between my grandfather and a woodpecker, I finally learned a life lesson on relaxation.

by Dorraine Fisher
, Springfield, Illinois

Illustration of a meteor shower in the night sky.

In this excerpt from His Mysterious Ways, a meteor shower shines a light on a desperate job seeker.

by Rose T. Zeilman
, Jacksonville, Florida

A yellow rose

The bloom was meant to remind him of his departed mother, and it certainly fulfilled its purpose.

by Michael Wartella
, Abingdon, Virginia

Don't forget your personal heavenly messenger–the Pope doesn't!

by Colleen Hughes

“Liberation of Saint Peter” (1665-1667) -- an angel takes Peter by the hand

The evangelist Luke recounts heavenly mysteries in two books of the Bible, and angels play a key role.

by Rick Hamlin
, New York, New York

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