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Angels On Earth

Many people believe that angels are God's
messengers at work in the world today.
Angels come in many forms, from
helpful animals to mysterious strangers,
from glorious heavenly angels to
earth angels, human beings who
generously help others.


Angels can also come to us in
dreams, on a breeze, or in a
strain of music. When they
appear, they always radiate
life-affirming hope.


Recent Angels on Earth Stories

Adam Hunter

Be an Angel Day inspired me to sign up for Team Hope and raise money for cancer while having fun. What could be better than that?

by Adam Hunter
, Associate Editor

Pets: Earth angel donates to animal shelter

Be an Angel Day? My fiancé and I knew exactly how we wanted to help! Bring a little hope to a local animal shelter.

by Nicole Lorimer
, Assistant Editor

Earth angel helps tourists in Times Square

No place is as crowded with tourists in New York City as Times Square. Maybe there’s someone in need of help right now, I thought. Someone who needs an earth angel.

by Meg Belviso

A journal of angels

An old journal full of angels pops up, reminding one woman of her wistful past.

by Lisa Levy
, New York, New York

Winged Personal Trainers

She needed to get out and exercise, but didn't want to. This was a job for angels.

by Kathie Kania
, Ogden, Utah

Illustration by Dan Andreasen

A young man's life is threatened by wild dogs, until a mysterious angel comes along.

by Douglas Scott Clark
, Maryville, Tennessee

Illustration by Chris Lyons

When a beloved toy is lost without hope...angels to the rescue!

by Kathleen Dupree
, Calhoun, Louisiana

Illustration by Michael Koelsch

A nervous young wife is intimidated by her mother-in-law. Can she hold on to hope and survive a baking lesson?

by Chris Sendelbach
, Henry, Illinois

Illustration by Bill Maughan

A sickly child is frightened by a mysterious nighttime visitor.

by Lurlene McDaniel
, Chattanooga, Tennessee

“Just as loving hands greet us when we're born,” says Kessler, “loving arms will embrace us when we die." Heavenly angels, maybe...

by Joan Anderson

Encourage your child to be an earth angel on August 14—and every day!

by Colleen Hughes

Photo by Paul Pugliese

I was struggling to earn a living. Was it time to move on?

by Kevin McKinney
, Cape May, New Jersey

Illustration (c) 2010 by Frané Lessac

The inspiring story of a nurse who tried to move mountains to adopt children from Haiti after the earthquake.

by Belinda Lechtenberg
, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

An artist's rendering of a guardian angel hugging a smiling child

Faith helps a young girl learn a very important lesson about God's love.

by Phyllis Swenson
, Fairfax, Virginia

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