Angels On Earth

Many people believe that angels are God's
messengers at work in the world today.
Angels come in many forms, from
helpful animals to mysterious strangers,
from glorious heavenly angels to
earth angels, human beings who
generously help others.


Angels can also come to us in
dreams, on a breeze, or in a
strain of music. When they
appear, they always radiate
life-affirming hope.


Recent Angels on Earth Stories

Close-up of a kangaroo.

In this excerpt from A Procession of Angels, a trip to the zoo becomes an answer to prayer for one child with spina bifida.

by Maxine Wolcott Klan
, DeWitt, Michigan

a beautiful red rose

A young woman undergoing chemotherapy is visited by an angel who delivers a life-affirming message of  hope.

by Michelle Carpenter
, Parksville, Missouri

This heavenly place is a testimony to people working together—and God’s special and perfect timing.

by Joan Anderson

Deciding the winners of the Guideposts Writers Workshop is a tough job! I know who I'm voting for...

by Colleen Hughes

You may think things aren't going your way and the angels aren't giving you a hand, but God gives you what you want...when you least expect it.

by Sophy Burnham

The heavenly angels sent this family a sign of hope after losing a loved one.

by Joan Anderson

Illuminating Angels video series: Michael the protective angel

Learn about this warrior angel who protects us.

Check out this slideshow from the Angels on Earth cruise to the Bahamas with editor-in-chief Colleen Hughes!

by Colleen Hughes

What would the world feel like if we acted more like heavenly angels every day?

by Sophy Burnham

Author Lorna Byrne's faith and sanity are being questioned because of her book on angels.

by Joan Anderson

Check out this slideshow of my family throughout the years. I feel very blessed.

by Colleen Hughes

Clouds and sky

A snorkel trip is almost a tragedy...until a heavenly angel showed up.

by Joan Wester Anderson

How Facebook angels helped us out

Angels on Earth Editor-in-Chief Colleen Hughes reflects on how social media has helped the magazine.

by Colleen Hughes

Heavenly angels: Clouds and shining light

A message from a heavenly angel brought one mom true peace of mind.

by Bettie Burger
, Marietta, Georgia

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