Angels On Earth

Many people believe that angels are God's
messengers at work in the world today.
Angels come in many forms, from
helpful animals to mysterious strangers,
from glorious heavenly angels to
earth angels, human beings who
generously help others.


Angels can also come to us in
dreams, on a breeze, or in a
strain of music. When they
appear, they always radiate
life-affirming hope.


Recent Angels on Earth Stories

Heavenly angels bring hamster home

They looked everywhere for her daughter's furry friend. Could the heavenly angels help?

Everyday Angels help woman sing in church

What made her brave enough to sing that day?

Everyday Angels

When they saw the license plate on the car across from them, they knew they'd received divine help.

Who would replace Marv as her earth angel?

She'd had an earth angel in her helpful and handy pal Marv. But now that Marv had passed, who'd come to help her?

by Audrey Carli
, Iron River, Michigan

Heavenly angels in the water

I felt sure I would die there among the fish. But this angel had another plan.

by Todd Frey
, Franklin, Wisconsin

Illustration of angel holding author's son.

I couldn't remember my past. How could I have a future?

by Bill Jeralds
, Venture, California

When money was tight and the weather was cold, angels warmed them up.

by Christie McMahon
, Chicago, Illinois

An artist's rendering of a young girl atop a winged horse in full stride

The inspiring story of a young girl, a horse and a mystical late-night adventure.

by Rhona Westbrook
, Ringgold, Georgia

An angel for an escort

Lost in grief, the guardsman made sure I found my way.

by Donna Weaver
, Springfield, Illinois

Readers remind us angels don't always wear white coats.

Illustration of a child making a valentine.

Though this earth angel was only five, she taught him the meaning of love.

by Ken Rokusek
, Kenosha, Wisconsin

The perfect snowflake, sent by a heavenly angel

On this night it was loneliness, not the weather, that chilled me. Til I got a sign from the sky.

by Linda Tancabel
, Austintown, Ohio

An earth angel taught them to love again

A family came together over Jonathan's special needs. How would they cope when he passed on?

by Pamela Klopfenstein
, Huber Heights, Ohio

An angel figurine strumming a harp

When two sisters create an angel orchestra, finding new players is instrumental.

by Caroline McIntyre
, San Jose, California

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