Celebrating the Miracles and Mysteries of Marble Cove

There’s no better time to start this heartwarming series than now, as we finally solve the mystery...

By Jon Woodhams, Memphis, Tennessee


A second chance. That’s what the lighthouse on the bluff meant to Diane Spencer. At least, that’s what she hoped it would mean...

So begins the first book in Miracles of Marble Cove, one of Guideposts’ most popular fiction series. The series chronicles the adventures of four very different women whose paths cross on Newport Avenue, a seaside neighborhood in the charming town of Marble Cove, Maine.

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Miracles of Marble Cove

Miracles of Marble Cove

Four women given a second chance at life begin to realize their unique bond brought them together to help others.

Diane, Shelley, Margaret and Beverly share many adventures and witness mysterious—dare we say miraculous—occurrences that connect them in amazing ways to the town’s fascinating past and present.

These women, all in different stages of life, also have something else in common: Each is starting over in some way. Each one has a second chance in life, and these second chances give our four friends untold opportunities to grow in faith, love and grace.

As these women learn, it’s never too late for a second chance, no matter where you are in life. You might not start a new life in a new town, but each new day offers us a reset, a chance to move in a new direction, to take on a new attitude and see life with new eyes. Have your decisions taken you down the wrong path in life? Do you feel as if you’ve somehow gotten lost and can’t find your way home again? God offers us nearly unlimited second chances, and today is another opportunity to take steps to set things right.

This month, the 24th—and final—book, Time to Remember, will be mailed to customers, who will finally solve the mystery of Elias Thorpe and his abrupt disappearance from Marble Cove more than 60 years ago, events that changed the face of this small town forever.

If you haven’t yet discovered Miracles of Marble Cove, there’s no better time to start reading this heartwarming series, when every book is printed and available in order. You’ll find yourself whisked away to an enchanting seaside town full of history and intrigue and will get to meet four friends who will quickly become your friends too.

Jon Woodhams is associate editor, Guideposts Books.

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I am heartbroken that this wonderful series is coming to and end. I just finished Book #22 so in just 2 more books I will say goodbye to "my" friends in Marble Cove. My 95 year old cousin and have shared the series & the mother of a co-worker is reading them also. We are all sad and feel as if these 4 woman - while just characters in a book, have become lifelong friends. We will miss them dearly.

We're glad you enjoyed the series so much, Elaine. Thanks for being a loyal reader!

Is there any chance The Miracles of Marble Cove will be a TV series?

Hi Donna. I understand there have been some discussions along those lines. Nothing's settled, by any measure, but who knows? It could happen.

Please unsubscribe me from the "Miracles of Marble Cove". Thank you. Edna

Hello Edna. Please contact our customer service department at (800) 431-2344 or by email at csinquiry@guideposts.org. They will be able to assist you.