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Mountains of Mystery

The author of one of the Mysteries of Silver Peak books shares about her family tie to Colorado.

By Kristin Eckhardt, Central Nebraska

I was eight years old when I first crossed the border from my home state of Nebraska into Colorado. Nebraska is a beautiful state, with rolling plains, the Sandhills, and miles upon miles of open sky.

Yet, the first time I saw the Rocky Mountains looming before me, I fully realized the glory of God. Only He could create these rugged mountains with snow-capped peaks that touched the clouds.

As we made our long trek up the winding, mountain road of Pike’s Peak, I was amazed at the number of trees that surrounded us.

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Mysteries of Silver Peak Series

Mysteries of Silver Peak Series

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Nebraska is full of corn and wheat fields, cow pastures and grassy prairies, so the forest of tall fir trees and lovely aspens blanketing the rocky terrain were more trees than I’d seen in my lifetime.

I’m sure many of those same trees are still there, taller than ever. And since I’ve become entranced with genealogy, I’ve found my family tree growing too. I’m adding new branches as I discover the names and histories of my ancestors and learn their stories.

One of those stories links my family to Colorado, where my great-grandmother spent some time at an orphanage as a child.

The memory of that Colorado vacation and my genealogical explorations are two of the reasons I’m so excited to be part of the Mysteries of Silver Peak series.

In the first book, A Mountain of Mystery, you’ll meet Sadie Speers, a life-long resident of the historic mining town of Silver Peak, where she owns an antique shop and specializes in local history.

Sadie learns that there are some harrowing secrets buried in her family history. Her journey into the past begins with the discovery of an old family heirloom that she thought had been lost forever.

Will Sadie’s intrepid spirit and gentle faith finally lead her to the truth? Or will that family mystery remain unsolved? You might want to join Sadie as she digs for answers and discovers the intriguing possibility of a new branch on her family tree.\


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