A Home Filled with Love

Her adult children were in transition, and so were her living arrangements. But a discarded dollhouse reminded her of her many blessings.

By Carolyn Graham, Vidor, Texas

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“Lord, thank you for all the blessings of this life,” I said. “For this food, for this home, for this family.”

“Amen,” they all answered: my two responsible sons, my kind-hearted daughter-in-law, my adorable grandbaby, and Martin, my prince. Maybe our house was a bit crowded, but in every free inch of space was love. And wasn’t that what I had really been longing for all those years as a child?

That orderly, neat dollhouse represented stability and safety–not good housekeeping. An angel must have left that dollhouse by the dumpster to make me understand. My dream had come true. I had the home I’d always wanted. Bursting at the seams with love.


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Ok, ya got me. I'm sitting here with watery and opened eyes. Thank-you for the reminder of the years I dreamt of a perfect dollhouse life (mine was in the local Western Auto), and that in God's own way, those dreams have and are still coming true:)