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Find Your Happy!

She was a CPA turned Paris runway model. Glamorous, right? But all this celebrity chef wanted was her grandma’s cooking.

By Carla Hall, Washington, D.C.

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After two years, it was time to return to the States, even if all my soul-searching hadn’t turned up my dream job. At least I could show off my new skills in the kitchen.

One of the first things I did was cater my sister’s baby shower. The next day, I packed the leftovers in a picnic basket and carried them over to a friend’s office for lunch.

“This is Carla,” my friend announced. “She has a catering business.”

“What’s it called?” her boss asked.

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Before I could protest that cooking was just a hobby, I heard a voice: Find your happy! There it was, so close I could taste it. “It’s called...the...” I stammered, staring at the basket in my hand, “the Lunch Basket.”

That was the humble start to my cooking career. I did open a catering company and eventually enrolled in culinary school. Then I landed on Bravo’s Top Chef, where I impressed the judges with one very special recipe. You guessed it–chicken pot pie!

Granny was right. When I found my happy, I discovered something bigger planned for me, a life more delicious than I could ever have imagined.

Try Carla's recipe for the Tomato-Corn Chowder!

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