Joy Comes in the Morning

The bestselling author shares five ways to get a spiritual start to your day.

By Debbie Macomber, Port Orchard, Washington

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That experience became a symbol to me of how I would choose to walk through life, not with “a spirit of timidity but of power and love.” I would walk boldly through the most impossible doors. Claiming and clinging to God’s promises.

Of course, I keep a Personal Journal. Always have. In my opinion, a journal or diary is indispensable for a writer. I can record a snippet of what someone said or what they wore for later use in my novels. It’s a way of capturing life, of preserving its details.

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Not long ago I looked through the diary my mother kept during World War II. Three days after she and my dad were married, he was on a troop carrier to Europe. Mom wondered if she would ever see him again and hoped he knew he was always in her prayers.

Probably through the help of his younger sister, Gerty, he had roses delivered to Mom on their first anniversary. The entry in her diary says, “Roses from Ted. Oh, my heart.” Six simple, unforgettable words that speak volumes.

In many ways my Gratitude Journal may be the most important book I write in. Every day, no matter how I’m feeling, I put down five things I’m grateful for. My family, a friend, something in my writing, a mentor, a perfect sunrise.

It might be something that happened years ago. I’ll always be grateful to Sister Seraphina, my eighth-grade teacher, who saw me struggle through reading, math and just about every other subject. But she knew I was really good at one thing: knitting. So she organized a fashion show of my sweaters.

My classmates were amazed. It was a terrific boost to my self-esteem, and to this day I am a devoted knitter.

Gratitude sustains the soul. How can we experience grace if we don’t feel grateful? How do we know we’ve been blessed?

Norman Vincent Peale said we should be grateful for blessings not yet received, for blessings unknown. I find that to be powerful advice. Gratitude is a practice that opens me to God’s gifts every day.

So now you know why poor Wayne always grunts and groans over my luggage. And I think you know that he doesn’t really mind. These are the books I must write in before I start work writing my own.


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I read your article "Joy Comes In The Morning" at the doctor's office today and was inspired to begin keeping the journals myself. I came home and pulled together 3 journals that have been around, but not used, and am looking forward to keeping them as a daily effort to grow in the Lord. I will also download some of your books on my Kindle for my times of reading.

God bless you as you continue to minister in these various ways.

A Gratitude Journal--is the BEST! It keeps me on the road to Victory---to focus on the good and positive, and not where the enemy is always trying to make us look. We truly have so much to be grateful for!

Loved reading this article you did for Guideposts. You truly have the gift to write, Debbie.
I keep a prayer journal and daily journal and love doing it. I can go back and check what I was doing each year on any given date.
Keep on writing and never retire.

I truly enjoy your books. I wish you would write more about the divorced, single woman. It seems as though the entire world is made up of couples…... Dating couples, married couples, "living together" couples. For those of us, trying to follow the Word in the bible, life seems pretty lonely. I am a 65-year old, divorced woman living in Silverdale, WA. I recently lost my 39 yr. old daughter and it gives me peace to get lost in your books for at least an hour or two of my day. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Dianne , being a lone is very sad, but I have seen the Lord bring two people together, church groups have singles meetings I know some that have met and married at a church event for singles over 50 yrs old, God does not want us to be alone but I do know he does things perfect. Your other half is on its way, ask God for a life partner and I know he will give you, your hearts desire. I will be praying for your other half of happiness. God's will be done. Mary