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Pet Stories

Our furry and feathered friends bring
so much joy to
our lives. In so many cases,
pets are nothing short of
angels in disguise:
like the wheelchair-bound therapy
dog who
cheers sick children or the stray kitten who

restored one woman’s faith and hope
during a trying time in her life.

Pets are indeed earth angels.
There’s so much we can learn
from them, so read on!






Recent Pet Stories

Finding cute and funny cat videos online can help boost your mood and increase your happiness every day!

by 4 Feline Fanatics

I will swear to my dying day, that Dr. Mimi came and laid on the very place where I was hurting—and her warmth helped heal me.

by 4 Feline Fanatics

Fun ways to walk with your pets!

Fun fall walk-a-thons fund our best friends!

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Inspiring stories about dog adoption

Guideposts staffers share inspiring stories about how their beloved dogs came to be in their lives.

Dealing with special needs animals, a person needs unconditional love, patience and acceptance. Every pet deserves a chance.

by 4 Feline Fanatics

Pets: Earth angel saves dogs and finds a friend

The inspiring story of a New York-bound working girl and her unexpected companion

by Megan Cherkezian

A member of Rescue Ink with one of the dogs the group rescued

This special group is dedicated to making sure animals are safe and protected.

I knew nothing about cats when I got Lucy nine years ago. And I mean nothing. Fortunately, however, I knew to get her a breakaway collar.

by 4 Feline Fanatics

Mary Steenburgen's earth angels are the four-legged, furry kind!

Actress Mary Steenburgen knows that a dog can change your life. She's had two inspiring canine earth angels do just that!

by Mary Steenburgen
, Ojai, California

Peggy Frezon and pets

It's back-to-school time! Here are five clues for determining if your pooch could use a lesson.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

I still miss Lubya a lot but most of my energy and concern right now is focused on his sister Mimi—I've recently learned that cats grieve just like we do.

by 4 Feline Fanatics

Pets: Animal therapy heals patients

The health field has discovered the healing power of pets, from offering companionship to real medical benefits.

by Kat Rosenfield

While a married couple is forced to downsize in the recession, their lives are enriched by an unlikely gang of pets.

by 4 Feline Fanatics

Who are your favorite TV pets?

Pet expert Peggy Frezon runs down her list of nominees for best pets on TV in honor of the upcoming Emmy Awards.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

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