Pet Stories

Our furry and feathered friends bring
so much joy to
our lives. In so many cases,
pets are nothing short of
angels in disguise:
like the wheelchair-bound therapy
dog who
cheers sick children or the stray kitten who

restored one woman’s faith and hope
during a trying time in her life.

Pets are indeed earth angels.
There’s so much we can learn
from them, so read on!






Recent Pet Stories

Kate and Pippin cuddle up in the back yard.

Immediately upon meeting, Pippin, a deer, and Kate, a great Dane, became inseparable.

This puppy showers her owner with kisses.

A puppy greets her owner with kisses and howls of joy when he returns after six months of being overseas. 

Kevin and Yurtie reunited.

A homeless man's dying wish is granted when he's reunited with his dog.

Ruuxa and Raina become unlikely friends.

When Ruuxa, a six-week-old cheetah, is abandoned by her mother, she makes friends with an unlikely companion.

The Carlsons and their current pack, Francesca (left) and Leo

They were told their beloved Italian greyhound’s diabetes was untreatable. Then her husband had the strangest dream.

by Nancy Carlson
, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This baby fox kisses a man's hand in gratitude.

Watch as this baby fox, whose head was stuck in a can, shows appreciation for the man who rescued him.

A group of adorable geese march across town.

A cute video of geese marching down a street in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.

Nina Christensen with her cat, Déjà

It was a pitch-black night. Her cat was stuck and scared, and she knew just how the poor kitty felt.

by Nina Christensen
, Phoenix, Arizona

Dillie rests comfortably in her new home.

When terminally ill Melanie Butera adopted a blind fawn, she didn't know they would be changing each other's lives.

Zoey embraces grandma with open arms.

Watch the reaction of Zoey, a pet monkey, to Grandma's return. Warning: She screeches with delight.

This cat cuddles with the horse.

Two unlikely friends make their own little heaven on earth in this adorably intimate moment.

This cat isn't moving despite the dog's efforts.

A hilarious montage of cats stealing dogs' beds and the funny ways dogs try to get them off.

A musical mutt and his human pal

You'll get a chuckle out of this pooch, who just can't resist joining in as his human friend plays a tune.

Sulo hand-feeds one of his bears.

Meet the Finnish earth angel known as "Bearman," who looks after orphan brown bears.

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