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Pet Stories

Our furry and feathered friends bring
so much joy to
our lives. In so many cases,
pets are nothing short of
angels in disguise:
like the wheelchair-bound therapy
dog who
cheers sick children or the stray kitten who

restored one woman’s faith and hope
during a trying time in her life.

Pets are indeed earth angels.
There’s so much we can learn
from them, so read on!






Recent Pet Stories

Cats can bring hope into your life

In honor of Adopt-a-Cat month, Peggy Frezon lists the pros of bringing a furry feline friend into your life.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Peggy abd Kelly have advice for safe, summer traveling

Make sure everyone has a great time on the road and follow pet guru Peggy Frezon's advice for some safe, summer fun.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Having a pet is like being a mom

Pet guru Peggy Frezon gives you 5 reasons that having a pet is like being a mother.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Portuguese Water Dog Bo Obama

Since the Obamas adopted a Portuguese water dog, the  breed has become very popular!

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Suzie Gilbert discusses her passion for helping injured birds of prey.

5 things to know before buying an Easter bunny

If you want to adopt a bunny this Easter, here are some things you should know first.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Peggy Frezon and her dog

Studies show pets are a calming influence to our health, but they have a few other notable ways to help us out.

by Peggy Frezon
, Renssalear, New York

Peggy Frezon and her dog

Is your dog good-mannered? Pet guru Peggy Frezon has some tips to help your pooch become a good canine ciziten.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

picture of baying wolf

Guideposts staffer Sharon Azar learns all about a very special wolf pack at the New York Wolf Sanctuary and Conservation Center.

Angel's Gate animal sanctuary stained glass window

Guideposts staffer Sharon Azar visits an animal sanctuary in Long Island, NY.

A dog and its human companion go running on the beach

Need to lose a few pounds? Here are a few inspiring ways you and your pet can get in shape—together!

by Alice Hunt
, New York, New York

Peggy Frezon and Kelly

Pet expert Peggy Frezon tells the story of how she and her dog joined forces to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves.

by Peggy Frezon
, Rensselaer, New York

Golden Retriever is earth angel for family

She'd certainly touched my life in a way no animal ever had.

by Sara Whalen
, Middletown, New York

A cat-lover reflects on how her cats' purring resembles prayer and vice versa.

by Mary Ann O'Roark
, New York, New York

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