Pet Stories

Our furry and feathered friends bring
so much joy to
our lives. In so many cases,
pets are nothing short of
angels in disguise:
like the wheelchair-bound therapy
dog who
cheers sick children or the stray kitten who

restored one woman’s faith and hope
during a trying time in her life.

Pets are indeed earth angels.
There’s so much we can learn
from them, so read on!






Recent Pet Stories

An artist's rendering of a pig with angel's wings

With a heart attack coming on, she was unable to get to the phone. How could she call for help?

by Jo Ann Altsman
, Beaver, Pennsylvania

Barb Granado and Hannah
The tragic shootings at Sandy Hook brought all of us together, including God’s most sensitive creatures.
by Barb Granado
, Chicago, Illinois

Paige the border collie

Most of us could use a little help around the house, but Paige the border collie goes above and beyond!

Soori the sleepy meerkat

Move over, Grumpy Cat—here comes Sleepy Meerkat. Soori the sleepy meerkat reminds us of ourselves on slow-moving Monday mornings.

Kwibi and Damian

Watch as conservationist Damian Aspinall is reunited after five years with Kwibi, a gorilla he raised at an animal park in England but released into the forests of Gabon, West Africa.

Loca the Irish Pug

Loca is an adorable pooch with just one fault: She can't seem to get the hang of running.

Dog floating on ice, stranded at sea

This incredible video of a brave Russian fisherman who saved a helpless and freezing dog will melt your heart.

Read this moving story about the love of an animal for its long-time owner.

by Edward Grinnan

B.J. Taylor, Roger and Charlie Bear

Her husband really wanted this dog. But she really, really didn’t.

by B. J. Taylor
, Huntington Beach, California

Mother dog saves her puppy from drowning in a pool.

This inspiring video is an oldie but goodie: Watch as a mother dog saves her puppy from drowning in a pool.

Eddie the sea otter goes for a slam dunk.

Eddie the sea otter, afflicted with arthritis in his arms, plays basketball for its therapeutic effects.

Jan Nash's poodle/terrier mix stray, Angel

I rarely go out late at night, but because of my dog's odd behavior, I decided to take her out. She hurried into the parking lot and darted off...

by Jan Nash
, Duluth, Minnesota

Baby the pit bull

Meet Baby, the 10-year-old pit bull who not only saved two sisters from a deadly fire but also rescued the family pets.

Lazarus the Miracle Kitty

Born with a cleft palate and abandoned, Lazarus found the perfect home where he inspires special-needs kids.

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