Survival Stories


The world is filled with stories of everyday
people who
find themselves in life or death
situations and miraculously
live to tell about it.
overcome life-threatening illnesses, they
survive their houses being 
destroyed by tornadoes,
they are saved after being swept away by flood waters

or after losing their way in a storm.

But these stories are more than tales
of survival;
they are inspiring stories about
faith and hope that sustain us in
times of trouble.


Recent Survival Stories

Si and Amanda

Every day is hard for this survivor of the 2013 terrorist attack in Kenya

by Amanda Belcher
, Nairobi, Kenya

A beach at sunset

Walking down the beach that day, he was so wrapped up in his own problems he almost didn’t hear the girls screaming.

by Edson Bourn
, Jacksonville, Florida

Shawnelle Eliasen

Her son, trapped deep beneath the earth. Her faith, needing to go even deeper.

by Shawnelle Eliasen
, Port Byron, Illinois

Lauryn Lax, now healthy and strong

She knew she was sick, but until eight caring strangers confronted her, she didn't have the will to battle her eating disorder.

by Lauryn Lax
, Austin, Texas

Scott Stephens poses with the board that is missing a shark-shaped chunk.

He thought it was a harbor seal. He was wrong. It was a shark. And it attacked. Now he had just minutes to live

by Scott Stephens
, Manila, California

Brian Brown with his daughter Heather

She thought she was all grown up. Her father thought she wasn’t grown up enough. Turns out they were both wrong

by Brian Brown
, Wilton, California

Sandra Ownbey with her husband, Jim
TBI. Traumatic Brain Injury. At last there was a name for what was wrong with her husband. 
by Sandra Ownbey
, Hedgesville, West Virginia

It’s easy to forget there are folks who still struggle in the aftermath of the storm, who need our prayers and our love.

by Edward Grinnan

Susan Call standing in a field of flowers
It was a matter of life or death that she pick up and move across the country. Would her children understand that?
by Susan Call
, Londonderry, New Hampshire

Amy Hauser with husband Tom
A battle with cancer helped her to realize just how deeply she loved her husband.
by Amy Hauser
, The Woodlands, Texas

Lindy Wilson and her husband, Jim

The hospital called. They told her to come right away. They told her not to drive herself. What they would tell her next was nearly unbearable.

by Lindy Wilson
, Truckee, California

Cartoon voice artist Mel Blanc with Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird

In this story from June 1966, filmdom's man of a thousand voices reveals that he had to face death before he could learn how to live.

by Mel Blanc
, Pacific Palisades, California

Cecil Vossler and son Nicholas
The shark attack, the race to shore, the life flight to the hospital. Every second I was praying for my son. But were my prayers enough?
by Cecil Vossler
, Fort Worth, Texas

We’ll get through this crisis as New Yorkers always do, as Americans always do, with hope, optimism and unshakeable faith.

by Edward Grinnan

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