The Strength of a Father

The shark attack, the race to shore, the life flight to the hospital. Every second I was praying for my son. But were my prayers enough?

By Cecil Vossler, Fort Worth, Texas

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Doctors, nurses, technicians, orderlies, hovered around my son. They came into his room, took his vitals, checked his bandages, changed his IV. They were the experts, but I never lost that sense of who was really in charge.

Nicholas didn’t lose his foot. In fact, after hobbling around on a crutch at home and undergoing one further operation and weeks of therapy, he was as strong as ever. He was able to play football on the junior high school team. My promise wasn’t an empty one at all.

But then, I should have known. God hears our prayers, no matter how frantic we are when we say them, no matter how weak or how afraid. That’s just when a father is ready to help a son.


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I had a life threatening accident with my youngest son (22) last March. He was unloading his handgun and it fired hitting him in his femur artery. He was flight for life to the nearest trauma center 50 miles away. Doctors doubted whether he'd make it but the hands of God guided his surgeons and he is perfect today. Through the tests come the testimonies. Praise God our sons are alive and well. They have a message and destiny to share.