Inspirational Stories

We are constantly immersed in stories—from
television news to films, novels and
TV programs. The inspiring real-life
stories we tell here are stories of faith,
hope and love, stories of challenges 
overcome as well as small unexpected
moments of grace.

More importantly, our inspiring true stories
are about and by people like you.
People who have discovered how to
live their lives with more hope and joy
and, through their stories and experiences,
have helped others to do the same.


Recent Inspirational Stories

Blade embraces DD with love and gratitude.

A veteran believed suicide was the only respite from his pain–until DD, a rescue dog,showed up.

Andie MacDowell smiling

The actress offers a sneak peek of Season 2 of her Hallmark Channel series and reveals why she so closely identifies with her character, Judge Olivia Lockhart.  Read Andie's story!

An artist's rendering of a fuly furnished dollhouse

Her adult children were in transition, and so were her living arrangements. But a discarded dollhouse reminded her of her many blessings.

by Carolyn Graham
, Vidor, Texas

A father gives his daughter an unforgettable date.

You'll be touched to watch how this father shows his daughter how special she is. 

Tommy rests during mass.

After his owner died, Tommy attends her church every day, finding consolation in his mourning.

I do ask myself the question ... what would Jesus do? And I don’t think he’d be raising his middle finger or waving a gun or a misspelled sign and impeding YMCA buses.

by Edward Grinnan

Do you love Jesus more than you love yourself? Your job? Your family? Your money? 

by Michelle Medlock Adams

This puppy rides on his friend's back as he swims across the food.

Watch as this adorable chihuahua creatively hitches a ride on a canine friend.

Jon Gordon

Author and motivational speaker Jon Gordon reminds us that our relationships are the key to getting through difficult times.

by Jon Gordon
, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Quit hiding those stinky, trashy, and cluttered items in the far corners of your heart and start clean today. God’s waiting.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

I'll be watching baseball's All-Star game with something very special by my side.

by Edward Grinnan

A puppy nuzzles an office worker

An animal shelter encourages office workers to escape their stress by taking a stroll with a dog.

Meet Jack, a puppy rescued from a dumpster and now a service dog.

Meet Jack, the rescue dog who not only becomes Maya's best friend, but her guardian angel.

Citizens of Solano county set up a welcome sign for veteran's new home.

When Jacinto Bernardo returned from Iraq, he didn't expect a whole new house courtesy of his community.

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